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Liv Jagrell


2002- Sister Sin - vocals  
2005-2008 Hysterica - vocals (as Sinderella)  
2016- Liv Sin - vocals  

Guest musician

2008-2009 Doro - vocals  
2019-2023 FB 1964 - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Sinderella, Liv Roxxy
Born on: 04.06.1980


I was born in a small town in the south of Sweden called Laholm, in a very old and pink house. My first years as I remember was very much about animals, and since i dont have any brothers or sisters, our animals became my siblings. We ve had cats, dogs and white doves. I was a horseloving girl and up to about 14 years most of my life was about horseback riding and animals but even very early I was very musical and i played both flute and a bit piano. When I was 14 I discoverd Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love and finallay I understood what I wanted to do in life, I wanted to become a musician, and not just anyone, I wanted to be a rockstar. So I got my parents to buy me my first guitar and after that i found the swedish heavy metal band Drain and then Pantera and I was sold!! This is my music, this is what Im gonna do. So at age of 15 I forced my two best friends to start a band with me, At first we called us Frogscream, but then changed it to Sisters Of Kali. We were very dark and heavy and not so good but damn we had a lot of fun! I played guitar, sang and also put in some flute into that. We played for a couple of years, but I think I always felt that I was more dedicated to music then the two others, so after high school we kind of move away from each other, i got some other bands that didnt last for very long, and the in 2002 I moved to Gothenburg were I was desperate to find a new band. I put and ad in a paper about a rocksinger looking for a band. I only got one answer and that was from the former guitarist of Sister Sin. He truly thought a female singer would be awesome, but the rest of the guys at that moment only wanted a guy. I did get an audition and obviously I convinced them all that I was better then all the guys they tried out cuz I got the spot right there. And I think both me and them are very happy about that!

I lived in Gothenburg for awhile, but I have never felt like that city was home for me so in 2003 I got a chance to rent an apartment in Stockholm and I took it right away. Since that I ve lived in Stockholm and I truly believe its the best city in Sweden. In Stockholm I met Bitchie, a female guitarist with an all girl band and she wanted me to sing with them. That band was Hysterica and I joined them for a couple of years and had a lot of fun, but it came to a point when i couldnt find time for both band and I had to make a choice, it was simple, my boys are my brothers and I could not leave them. So from 2007-2008 something I ve only been in Sister Sin. And its not like we havent be busy, so it was a wice choice! 2008 Sister Sin got a deal with Metal Heaven in Europe and Victory Records in US and its on that road we are now!