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Albums To Review

Albums to be reviewed then added to this list.

1. Koyaanisqatsy - From The Yearning To Burst The Perpetual Circle
2. Lovebites - Awakening From Abyss
3. Pathway - Песни Cмерти
4. Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick
5. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced

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Created by nonZero on 23.12.2021

Thumbs up: +2
Some Albums With 8.50 Or More

1. Shylmagoghnar - Emergence
2. Galneryus - Angel Of Salvation
3. Blindead - Affliction XXIX II MXMVI
4. Batushka - Litourgiya
5. Leprous - Bilateral

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Created by JavierPaper on 28.11.2021

[ Oh my Godness, this is a Shoegazing ! ... And it's Amazing ! ]

1. Aara - Triade I: Eos
2. Déluge - Æther
3. Déluge - Ægo Templo
4. Envy - Insomniac Doze
5. Envy - Atheist's Cornea

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Created by Vaflezjui on 02.05.2021

Thumbs up: +13
Top 200+ Overlooked Albums

This list aims to be the counterpart to the Metal Storm Top 200 Albums.

If you discover a new band or already like any of ones here, please give this list a thumbs up so we can get these overlooked gems in front of more people.

* Fewer than 200 votes
* High-quality musicianship
* 1 album per band

1. Æther Realm - Tarot
2. Acherontas - Vamachara
3. Aeveron - The Ancient Realm
4. Amber Tears - Revelations Of Renounced
5. Anacrusis - Screams And Whispers

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Created by nonZero on 15.07.2020

Thumbs up: +3
Yet Another Useless Folking List

This is a list of all the folk metal albums I have listened to that I found to be of at least marginal quality. It is purely for my own organizational purposes and is not meant to be a definitive statement about the genre; for that reason, there are some bands that don't entirely fit the description, or particular albums that may not be exactly folk metal themselves but are by folk metal bands.

1. Elvenking - Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire
2. Forefather - Ours Is The Kingdom
3. Forefather - Steadfast
4. Forefather - Last Of The Line
5. Dalriada - Áldás

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Created by ScreamingSteelUS on 17.05.2016

Thumbs up: +5
Top 30 Favorite Albums Of My Entire Life

not in the most favorite or alphabetic Sort
Just there
few of the best things i did hear in my entire life include the sound of nature

1. Saturnus - Saturn in Ascension
2. Leprous - The Congregation
3. Mastodon - Once More 'Round The Sun
4. Saturnus - Veronika Decides To Die
5. Mastodon - Crack the Skye

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Created by B.Wood on 13.09.2015

Thumbs up: +14
Brimbly-Brambly Bucka-Bucka Woozle-Wuzzle It's A Doom List.

This is a list of the doom albums I have listened to.

The list starts with a handful of what I'd call my favorite doom albums. The first few of those count among my favorite of all time, with Paranoid, Watching From A Distance, and Черно at present holding a perfect 10. This list does have a cutoff point, stretching from those 10s through some high 9s and all the way down to middling 6s. If I rated it below a 6, it does not appear on this list, and that's because I disliked the album.

1. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
2. Warning - Watching From A Distance
3. Kypck - Черно
4. Woods Of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light
5. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

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Created by ScreamingSteelUS on 24.01.2015

Thumbs up: +2
2009 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Here is my very straight forward top list of albums released in 2009.

1. Bloody Panda - Summon
2. Mono - Hymn To The Immortal Wind
3. Isole - Silent Ruins
4. Ahab - The Divinity Of Oceans
5. Kauan - Aava Tuulen Maa

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Created by Draugen on 16.09.2012

Thumbs up: +25
Top Folkish/Neofolk/Folkrock Albums

Best Folkish albums I've heard so far...!! Please feel free to post your Suggestions!!

1. Agalloch - The Mantle
2. Ensiferum - Iron
3. Moonsorrow - Kivenkantaja
4. Blackmore's Night - Under A Violet Moon
5. Blackmore's Night - Shadow Of The Moon

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Created by Enissa on 19.08.2011

Thumbs up: +2
Top 20 Albums Of 2009

1. Diablo Swing Orchestra - Sing-Along Songs For The Damned & Delirious
2. Fleshgod Apocalypse - Oracles
3. Dark Moor - Autumnal
4. The Ruins Of Beverast - Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite
5. 3 Inches of Blood - Here Waits Thy Doom

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Created by BudDa on 03.03.2010