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Making My Way Through The MS Top 200

The MS top 200 is supposed to represent the absolute peak of metal music, the timeless classics. I have been listening to metal for about 6 years now and would consider myself fairly knowledgeable about the genre. Yet, I have barely heard half of what the top 200 has to offer. I am now on a quest to listen to it all and give an honest opinion on what I thought of it.
This list will show every album of the top 200 and if I've listened to it whether it's an all-time favourite of mine (+++), I really like it (++), I like it (+), I don't think it's anthing special (*), I dislike it (-) or I really dislike it (--). The same symbols will be used to characterize what I think my opinion of the albums I haven't heard yet will be, based on my knowledge of the band and of the genre they play. (?) signifies that I have no idea of whether I'll enjoy it or not and (/) means that my opinion of the album is probably obsolete and I need to listen to it again.
The way the top 200 works makes it so that the albums at the bottom of the list are actually tied with other albums, but those other albums do not show up in the list. To make this list better, I decided that every album rated 8.74 (the lowest score included in the top 200) as of 23/04/2023 would be included in my list, making it a top 215.

1. Albums I am yet to hear:
2. -----------------------------
3. Blind Guardian - Imaginations From The Other Side
4. W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol
5. Saturnus - Veronika Decides To Die

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Created by doez on 13.04.2023

My Top 150 Albums Of All Time

This list shows only my preferences in metal. These albums are not necessarily the best of the bands written by, but I return to them again and again. In my opinion, all this masterpieces confirm the variety and greatness of metal music.
1. One album per band.
2. Ordered from highest position (top) to lowest (bottom).
3. No heavy, power, doom, gothic, sludge/stoner albums.

1. Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper
2. Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
3. In Flames - Clayman
4. Soilwork - Natural Born Chaos
5. Gojira - From Mars To Sirius

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Created by nikita_ducati on 16.10.2022


1. Malevolent Creation - The Ten Commandments
2. Malevolent Creation - Retribution
3. Necrophobic - The Nocturnal Silence
4. Death - Scream Bloody Gore
5. Death - Leprosy

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Created by andytepedino on 14.10.2022

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Favorite Metal Albums Of All Time

1 album per band per subgenre
work in progress, updating as I go through the song-by-song ratings on
I will typically update my black metal faves -
and my death metal faves -
prior to updating this one

1. Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime
2. King Diamond - Abigail
3. Voivod - Dimension Hatröss
4. Mastodon - Crack The Skye
5. Lykathea Aflame - Elvenefris

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Created by sgtrobo on 14.07.2022

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Top Metal Albums Each Year I Have Been Alive, 1991

A little list series where I list my top 20 favorite metal albums every year starting from the year I was born in.

1991 and the early 1990's ware the golden age of old school death metal, where progressive metal stars to kik more gear, the mayhem of the second wave/Norwegian black metal starts, And of course 1991 is the year where Grung killed Glam metal

1. Coroner - Mental Vortex
2. Fates Warning - Parallels
3. Death - Human
4. Bathory - Twilight Of The Gods
5. Armored Saint - Symbol Of Salvation

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Created by Handala on 27.06.2022


Welcome to what I consider the "Metal Bible" or in other words, a list of records of various genres in the arrays of Metal and Hard Rock that I deem essential or at least very recommended to listeners of hard and heavy music. This may be a very overwhelming list but I essentially try to collect all albums in the History of Metal that strike me as worthwhile. May this be a guideline for people that seek for an entrance to a particular genre or certain bands. In no means I am saying, that this list is indisputable by any means. I consider these my personal picks for albums that should be listened to by die-hard metal fans at least once. Hopefully you can discover some new music or relate with my picks. If I missed something that you would include in such a list, please tell me in the form of a comment. Enjoy! \,,/

1. High Tide - Sea Shanties
2. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
3. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin
4. Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come
5. Josefus - Dead Man

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Created by pandrstudios on 31.05.2022

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Death Is Only The Beginning (Of This List)

This is a list of all the death metal albums I have listened to that I thought were at all worth remembering. Like my other genre lists, this is just a record of my own listening experience that I use for personal organization, not a definitive account of the best or all of the death metal out there; there will probably be albums or bands that are not death metal in the strictest sense. You'll find some OSDM, melodeath, tech death, death-doom, maybe a bit of deathcore, I don't know. Maybe some non-death metal albums by death metal bands that I put in here just because.

1. Death - The Sound Of Perseverance
2. Death - Symbolic
3. At The Gates - With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness
4. At The Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul
5. Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side

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Created by ScreamingSteelUS on 15.04.2022

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A Chronology Of Masterpieces

What seems the most important albums for me in chronological order.
I wish I could carry the list year after year to see how my tastes changed and new findings.
I can help but notice that old albums immediately strike me, while in recent times most albums are good but nothing is groundbreaking. We have a tide of releases in the last decades, and standing above the other requires an impossible lot of talent.
Or is it my listen habbits that changed ? I felts I listened to the old albums albums for a lifetime while I'm only surface checking the new ones. Too little time, too little time to truly live...
Also the mixing technology, the sound is too flat nowadays and lack impact and personnality

1. Frank Zappa - Freak Out
2. The Who - Tommy
3. Frank Zappa - Uncle Meat
4. Frank Zappa - Hot Rats
5. King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King

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Created by Ansercanagicus on 16.02.2022

Ultimate Collection Of Metal

The albums below is my definition of extreme metal music, regardless of their genre. Entire list is based only on my personal preferences in metal.
1. One album per band
2. 305 groups/305 albums

1. In Flames - Clayman
2. Metallica - ...And Justice For All
3. Chimaira - Chimaira
4. Death - Symbolic
5. Testament - The New Order

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Created by nikita_ducati on 18.10.2021

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Metal AotY, 1970 Through Present

My personal hard rock/heavy metal album of the year that I own.
Truthfully, for several years, I just gave up trying to figure out what was in 2nd place (and sometimes, even in 1st).
Some years have so many options....

1. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
2. Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality
3. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Vol. 4
4. Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
5. Blue Öyster Cult - Secret Treaties

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Created by sgtrobo on 29.07.2021

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Andy's top 100+ Death metal albums

My favourite melodic, technical, progressive, and original death metal albums ranked. No grindcore or brutal death metal album's are featured, as they are left out for a separate list.

1. Death - Symbolic
2. Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal
3. Dark Tranquillity - Damage Done
4. Bolt Thrower - ...For Victory
5. Morbid Angel - Altars Of Madness

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Created by AndyMetalFreak on 04.05.2021

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1001 Metal Albums to Hear Before You Die

An ongoing list for personal use as well as for reference for beginners (& veterans alike). This is solely my personal opinion and taste (Death & Prog mostly but do give every genre a try). Basically will include albums I've rated 8 & above. Sorted by year since I'll need a Venn diagram to sort by genre (seriously MS please make it happen if possible). Will feature multiple releases per year (obviously) and per band (since if a band is putting out better albums it deserves more recognition). Keeping the metal faith alive from India

1. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin
2. King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King
3. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III
4. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
5. Uriah Heep - Look At Yourself

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Created by metalriff on 05.02.2021

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The Best Metal Albums* From A to # (A)

This list is meant to be an extensive, but by no means exhaustive, collection of the greatest (modern) metal albums and eps. Running the gamut from avant-garde to trve norweigan black metal. *As someone who is young in age, my tastes tend to revolve around the period of the 80s to the present.* Although certain metal albums from before will certainly be featured, the period of the 60s-70s will be under-represented. I refer you to this excellent list to gain a better appreciation for some of the best metal from that period:

1. Aara - En Ergô Einai
2. Aarni - Bathos
3. Aaskereia - Dort, Wo Das Alte Böse Ruht
4. Aastraal - Tuba mirum spargens sonum per sepulcra regionum, coget omnes ante thronum
5. AATHMA - Avesta

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Created by Uxküll on 06.10.2020

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DM Album rankings

jesus this is out of date, gotta take some time and update this

1. Lykathea Aflame - Elvenefris
2. Immolation - Close to a World Below
3. Cryptopsy - None So Vile
4. Dragged Into Sunlight - Hatred For Mankind
5. Nile - Annihilation Of The Wicked

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Created by sgtrobo on 30.08.2020

A Little Further (Into The Progressive)

One album per artist in alphabetical order which happen to be my favorites. Feels like an addendum to the ?Beginner's Guide To Building A Prog Collection" ( often mentioning the same band but different releases.

1. 36 Crazyfists - A Snow Capped Romance
2. Agrypnie - 16[485]
3. Ahab - The Call Of The Wretched Sea
4. Akercocke - Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone
5. Alkaloid - Liquid Anatomy

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Created by niklas_sn7 on 28.04.2020