The Best Alternative Metal Album - Metal Storm Awards 2015

1.  Faith No More - Sol Invictus 264
2.  Antimatter - The Judas Table 131
3.  Tau Cross - Tau Cross 69
4.  Marriages - Salome 60
5.  Naïve - Altra 34
6.  Therapy? - Disquiet 33
7.  Soundcrawler - The Dead-End Host 20
8.  Disturbed - Immortalized (write-in vote) 16
9.  Malrun - Oblivion Awaits 14
10.  Caligula's Horse - Bloom (write-in vote) 9
11.  Oleg Izotov - Сто Восемнадцать 8
12.  Failure - The Heart Is A Monster (write-in vote) 3
  Quiet Child - The Ever Present Shadow 3
Total votes:

Mick Moss is a musician with a message, and Antimatter is his vessel. With The Judas Table, another journey through the complex exploration of human emotions, Mick Moss is still going strong. The music is more direct, the songs are more touching and intimate than before, the guitar work is top-notch, and the vocals are exquisite. This is melancholic rock done extremely well.


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All in nuances, in shades of grey, deceptively mellow, seemingly restrained. A "Midlife Crisis" alternative rock album that's easily digested… But, really? There are hidden twists here and there. Great guitar parts, groovy bass lines. And Patton crooning, screaming, yeah, Patton-ing. Yes, Sol Invictus is worming its way into your brain. Almost twenty years after their last album, Faith No More did what they do best, something brilliantly FNM. And here they are, as unbeaten as the sun.


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Everyone loves jamming dynamite sticks right up their ears, especially of the Malrun variety where melodic power metal meets djenty groove coated in hardcore sauce. These guys are gonna be the oh-emm-gee sort of big very soon, so extra hipster points for checking this assault of an EP out before everyone else does!


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Salome is the perfect marriage between experimental, dreamy and tormented sounds. Emma Ruth Rundle's voice pulls you into an emotional abyss. Marriages aren't afraid to follow unexpected paths. That is why taking this journey with them can be one of the most gratifying experiences you could embark on.

Just look at the cover art. Weightless. Expansive. Free. Introspective. Alluringly simple, and yet so complex upon closer inspection. That's a good start, to be sure - but there is a lot more to Naïve's latest effort than can be judged from the front page. Altra blows wherever the French trio's fancy takes them, from airy planes of trip-hop trance to majestic soundscapes of towering metal power. Slip into the odyssey of experimental atmospheres and let yourself melt away for an hour.

Seven years after his stellar debut, Oleg Izotov rides the waves of his blinding guitar technique into a cosmic-themed masterpiece. With an endless repository of riffs and indefatigable flying fingers, Russia's premier shredder crafts a beautiful galactic ballet that manages to be soothing, crushing, and ever-evolving. Scattered guest vocalists offer a change of pace for the non-instrumentally-inclined, but Izotov's cornucopia of musical concepts, all delivered with his signature guitar tone, makes Сто Восемнадцать a diverse and exciting journey through the mind of one of the most interesting guitarists on the market today that none should pass up.

Dislike whining vocals and the pop tendencies of metal (light) music associated with the "Alternative" label? Well, Quiet Child is here to break the mold, to the point where it becomes acquired taste for some as repeated listens reveal both heavier and softer subtleties beyond expectations.

Borrowing from the grunge, stoner and sludge sounds, Soundcrawler are never afraid to effectively combine different genres to extract maximum satisfaction from their songs. The riff game is infectious on The Dead-End Host, which is filled with dynamic songs and also calmer, more introspective moments, and the balance is just right. It will get under your skin, in a good way.

The renowned and eternally crusty Baron of Amebix has returned to make waves anew with Tau Cross, this season's hottest multi-genre powerhouse. The Ghost of Crust-mas Past sprinkles liberal throwbacks to Rob Miller's legendary discography over this love letter to all things gruesome, tinny, and crusty - yet Tau Cross is more than just the Motörhead-meets-Discharge hardcore beast that makes much of this album great. Mixing in a Killing Joke-style industrial edge, gutter folk drawlings, and the occasional droney atmospherics, Tau Cross have harvested quite a medley of sounds to make one hell of a debut.

Knives still hurt, that's for sure, and Therapy? shows it in this Disquiet; with some nods to Troublegum, this fourteenth album really deserve its name. While filled to the brim with real anthems of some of the catchiest, most mercilessly addictive alternative metal ever, it's that sad and disquieting edge that makes it so impressive - as always with Therapy?!

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