The Best Industrial / Cyber / Electronic Metal Album - Metal Storm Awards 2015

1.  Fear Factory - Genexus 193
2.  Lindemann - Skills In Pills 115
3.  Mechina - Acheron 92
4.  Killing Joke - Pylon 78
5.  Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor 77
6.  Shining (NOR) - International Blackjazz Society 75
7.  Autokrator - Autokrator 15
8.  Author & Punisher - Melk En Honing 12
9.  Neurotech - Stigma (write-in vote) 7
  Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss (write-in vote) 7
11.  Bizarra Locomotiva - Mortuário (write-in vote) 5
  Death Grips - The Powers That B (write-in vote) 5
13.  Lioth - Metacause 4
14.  Turmion Kätilöt - Diskovibrator (write-in vote) 2
  Witchgrinder - Haunted (write-in vote) 2
16.  Neolix - Наследие (write-in vote) 1
  Errorgeist - Agendas Elite 1
Total votes:

Hypnotising as well as visceral, Author & Punisher sounds like a shaman given some dub machines and drone machines to communicate spiritually on the astral plane. The immensity of the whole droning experience negates the fact that there's no guitar present, and indeed, the layers of lo-fi distortion and repeated pummeling of the drums will crush you senseless, but when you wake up, you'll be crawling back to be clubbed to sonic oblivion once again.

Look at the cover: black and red. That's all you hear: black and red. Blood and decay. Fire and fear. Autokrator is a swirling mess of noise, so distorted and eerily repetitive that it practically qualifies as infernal drone. The sound is cavernous and vast, but also solid, unyielding, and incredibly heavy. Listening to this album is like getting crushed to death by a building-sized steamroller driven by Godflesh.


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Now there's some violent and catchy industrial death metal! Think Vortech, Hypocrisy, or even Misery Index at times ("Repay With Misery"); blistering solos, catchy and razor-sharp riffs, in-your-face grunts, electronic overdubs and massive production, this Agendas Elite has it all. Errorgeist's gonna rip your head off and throw it in one of those FEMA camps just for fun.

The cybernetic killing machine is back, and this time it's once again with real drumming. The result is absolutely crushing. Mechaniacal rhythmics, scorched earth vocals, post-apocalyptic melodies - Genexus has it all and takes no prisoners. Certainly their best since the '90s!

Killing Joke can still summon the punkish spirit of their earliest material; blended with Jaz Coleman's hypnotic vocals and unsettling electronic rhythms, that old school energy keeps this album moving and shaking. Pylon's almost dance-able drive belies its brooding, sinister darkness. It's also fairly dreamy and atmospheric, but these disparate elements do manage to combine into another memorable and impressive release from these melancholy veterans.

Skills In Pills represents Till Lindemann's persona fairly accurately. It's forceful, blunt, mechanical, and, above all, ludicrously perverted - but every now and then, it slips in something surprisingly mature and beautiful. With Peter Tägtgren providing instrumental support, the album has a sound and spirit noticeably distinct from Rammstein, but undoubtedly appealing to fans of their work. It's a machinist musical of depraved tall tales.


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Lioth's Metacause offers us quite a journey into an artificial world, devoid of humanity and life, but quite beautiful in its own terms. These instrumental soundscapes, sometimes contrasting mellow parts with harsher ones in post-rockish structures, at others heavily drawing on ambiant moods, with melodies lighting them all in surreal lights, are just… entrancing!

A soundtrack that goes perfectly with a man's worst nightmare: the midlife crisis hangover. The Pale Emperor is a great metaphor for the rise, fall and major comeback of Marilyn Manson. He let go of all the theatrics and embarrassing attempts to be edgy. He sounds naked and fragile after all those crazy years yet oddly enough he has never sounded this badass. The blues influences shine through loud and proud, giving his style of alternative/industrial rock a razor-sharp sense of melancholy and refined darkness.


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Mechina is definitely one of the hardest-working bands around, and Acheron continues Mechina's tradition of releasing a new album on New Year's Day for the third consecutive year, showing that their fountain of creativity is still flowing strongly. Be prepared to be enveloped in a world of inter-galactic battles, brutal terra-forming and space exploration akin to a soundtrack to a sci-fi film of epic proportions.

Wanna try something wacky? Search no further! These Norwegians' latest output, while still built on strong and powerful indus metal structure, sees them experimenting once more with their jazz roots and saxophone for some of those crazy-as-fuck moments we love. So, come into the "House Of Control" and join the International Blackjazz Society!

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