The Best Djent / Math Metal

1.  Tesseract - Altered State 328
2.  Vildhjarta - Thousands Of Evils 95
3.  Pomegranate Tiger - Entities 87
4.  Empyrios - Zion 33
5.  Circles - Infinitas 30
6.  Uneven Structure - 8 24
7.  Akeldama - Everything Beautiful 20
  Being - Anthropocene 20
9.  Nemertines - Death, My Love 13
10.  After The Burial - Wolves Within (write-in vote) 6
11.  Entities - Aether 5
Total votes:

Akeldama - Everything Beautiful

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Full to the brim with djenty riffing and technical - yet undeniably melodic - stuff, Everything Beautiful is one classical but surprisingly innovative djent album. Their shtick? Clean, high-pitched male vocals in addition to your usual growls. The mix may seem strange, but it works damn well!


Being - Anthropocene

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Bordering on prog and djent, and mixing influences even from electronica, Being have delivered a breathtaking début album that's bound to grab your attention. It's rather fast-paced, beautiful and varied. Being interesting - that's what this music is about.


Circles - Infinitas

Infinitas is just Circles' debut album but what an album it is! This is were accessible vocals meet musical complexity and controlled aggression. Balancing the right amount of heaviness with an abundance of engaging electronic sounds, Infinitas is a statement in itself and a promise of great things to come.


Empyrios - Zion

Guitar virtuoso Simone Mularoni's Empyrios djent is heavy-hitting, technical, anthemic and catchy as hell. The vocals are as flexible as the music but despite the evident musical prowess, the songs genuinely breathe. Zion is full of tasteful little details to discern, some Meshuggah and Fear Factory-influenced insanity, and it gets better with each listen; a gem to discover.


Entities - Aether

This Sacramento, California 4-piece may not be breaking any new ground by combining progressive metalcore with djent, but their technical proficiency and great songwriting ability is complimented by their frequent use of synths to create an EP that is heavy yet retains a fantastic ambiance and atmosphere. Entities have managed to fit a lot into the 27 minutes this EP runs for, making your listening experience feel more like you are enjoying a full album and leaving you feeling satisfied yet eager to hit play again.


Nemertines - Death, My Love

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The highly prolific solo-project Nemertines doesn't need much to gives us quality djent and make a big impact. In fact, the to-the-point nature of most of the songs in Death, My Love helps the album flow seamlessly. Some songs are bizarre, haunting, dissonant, but the layered melodies end up lacing it all together. If you like a challenge, Death, My Love will win you over.


Pomegranate Tiger - Entities

Pomegranate Tiger does what many others fail to achieve; make an interesting, non-wankfest djent album. The hour long output Entities is a standout this year due to its simple, no BS structure. The band plays riffs, solos and even manages to tie it all together to create a wide range of sounds and songs that manage to entertain even this ADHD riddled teenager. The djent structure is complimented by a crystal clear production which allows the listener to hear every single note of this fantastic debut. This is a must hear for any progressive or technical music fan, the formula is one that you're all certain to love. With a name like Pomegranate Tiger, it has to be good.


Tesseract - Altered State

The vocalists might change, but Tesseract's musical identity remains untarnished. Led this time by the nuanced and radiant voice of Ashe O'Hara, in Altered State Tesseract dig deep and expose a turmoil of feelings, contrasts, atmospheres and proggy intricacies. Altered State is a well-thought-out album with a big emotional impact, especially because it is so abundant in blasts of energy, focused and invigorating.

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Uneven Structure - 8

In typical djent form, bands like Uneven Structure come with expectations, which of course are met openly with this re-worked EP simply entitled 8. Progressive tendencies? Check. Polyrhythmic groove? Check. Ambiance? Check. You also get your traditional Meshuggah worship, but each track presents its own massive sound with dynamic elements and brilliant instrumentation.


Vildhjarta - Thousands Of Evils

Are y'all ready to thall? Good, because you are about to be smacked in the face with some bouncy, refreshing djent. Thousands Of Evils might just be a lean 24-minute EP, but Vildhjarta can pack a lot of time signatures and cold, alien atmospheres into those 24 minutes. This EP blends moments of eerie calm with moments of complete layered-scream/double-bass insanity to create a roid-raging metal monster. Packed with frenetic riffing and gargantuan chugging, Thousands Of Evils serves up some of the djentiest djent you are likely to hear.