The Best Doom Metal Album - Metal Storm Awards 2017

Below's sophomore release builds upon the epic, heavy, and dark style of doom that they introduced themselves with in their debut, which earned them instant credibility within the metal circles. The band now shows how much progress they have made by offering a broader variety to the songs, and Upon A Pale Horse is as atmospheric as its wonderful cover suggests, while brimming with hooks and emotion.

Despite clocking in at over an hour in length, Destin is an EP because of the older songs it contains, some rerecorded as acoustic versions. Do not be fooled by this, however, as Destin retains the crushing grief of Clouds's previous work. Equally sorrowful whether oppressive growls or emotional cleans, quiet acoustics or crushing distortion reign.

Balance. Evadne has it. With A Mother Named Death, the Spaniards show off their mastery of dynamics, mixing guttural, deathy growls and some crushing riffs with saccharine sounds, tranquil moments, spoken vocals and tragic melodies. The end result is Sweet & Sour Doom. Sweet enough to go down easy, but with a substantial punch to it as well.

With the tragic passing of Aleah Stanbridge in 2016, the posthumous release of the Trees Of Eternity debut seemed to be her final performance on record. Her long-time partner and former bandmate, Juha Raivio, also of Swallow The Sun, gathered poems and recordings of her and wrote all the music for this harrowing and heart-wrenching piece of doom in but one week and asked Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis and Mika Karppinen of HIM to help him record it. Filled with interludes of Aleah reciting poems and her final performance, No Stars Upon The Bridge could very well be the metal world's A Crow Looked At Me.

This Spanish quartet fill their cauldron with a nice Doom stock, toss in a couple handfuls of Stoner haze and fuzz, stir vigorously, then serve accompanied with the powerful pipes of Mireia Porto to create a potent sopa de muerte. Visit Bandcamp and be Touched By Evil.

King Woman's heady, indie-reminiscent haze takes doom metal out of the realms of the theatrical and back into the personal; Created In The Image Of Suffering tries to keep a low profile underneath layers of repetitive sound and fuzz, aiming for emotion over volume. Kristina Esfandiari's entrancing vocal delivery alone puts King Woman in a realm of its own, working up such a spectral atmosphere that the album dips into drone and shoegaze more than once, but the trudging riffs bear the unmistakable sound of doom metal. Leave it to a newcomer to show us how this genre should be done.

Heartless sees Pallbearer at their most adventurous yet, indulging in much more progressive and hard rock flavors mixed into their established sound, while still giving the songs an organic feel of change. Lead singer Brett Campbell also gives his most confident vocal performance yet, making the album much more melodic than crushing.

With Medusa, Paradise Lost have come up with an ode to futility, ephemerality and nihilism, enveloped in a shroud of mist and blackness. It lacks the diversity the band showcased in The Plague Within, but it is a triumphant return to their doom/death roots and another sample of greatness in a nearly thirty-year-old, more-than-remarkable career.


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After reaping the Heavens apart, Procession return four years later to unload some Doom Decimation on us all. You (should) know what that means... Trad Doom mixing up swaggering tracks with slow- and low-tempo doom dirges, powered by Felipe Plaza's evocative vocals. A (sometimes slow-mo) headbanging riff-fest. Guess the guys didn't need input from Roddy or Bitter. At all.

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Almost thirty years since their formation, Sorcerer deliver The Crowning Of The Fire King, and the follow-up to their acclaimed debut treats us to top-notch musicianship coupled with epic and powerful songs. Iommi-driven, bulldozing riffs and huge choruses send shivers down your spine for almost one hour, proving that the band's resurrection did indeed have a worthy purpose.


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