Hardcore Superstar - Hardcore Superstar

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Release date: 2005
Style: Glam rock, Glam metal


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01. Kick On The Upperclass
02. Bag On Your Head
03. Last Forever
04. She's Offbeat
05. We Dont Celebrate Sundays
06. Hateful
07. Wild Boys
08. My Good Reputation
09. Cry Your Eyes Out
10. Simple Man
11. Blood On Me
12. Standin On The Verge

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Doc G.
From the growing glam-rock revival of Sweden comes Hardcore Superstar with their self-titled fifth album. And this album is a great treat for those who love 80's glam/sleaze rock.

Don't let the above statement fool you, this is not a re-hash or knock off of any 80's sound. They take the sleazy bad-boy sound of the 1980's Sunset Strip scene and put a heavy twist on it. Though the intro song 'Kick On The Upperclass' is catchy and powerful, Hardcore Superstar don't show their true greatness until the second track 'Bag On Your Head' (and yes the song is about exactly what it sounds like) opening with possibly one of the heaviest riffs I have heard to date. And that is counting all forms of music. A few fun, yet slightly forgettable songs pass before we hit the heart of the album, and possibly the greatest song from the entire Hardcore Superstar discography; 'We Dont Celebrate Sundays'. It's a very upbeat fun song with a great chant-along chorus and an amazingly catchy main riff. As before there are more streaks of slightly forgettable songs before we hit more gold like 'Wild Boys' and the humourus yet vindictive sounding 'My Good Reputation'.

published 26.04.2007 | Comments (0)

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