System Of A Down - Steal This Album!

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Release date: 20 September 2002
Style: Alternative metal


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01. Chic 'N' Stu
02. Innervision
03. Bubbles
04. Boom!
05. Nüguns
06. A.D.D.
07. Mr. Jack
08. I.E.A.I.A.I.O.
09. 36
10. Pictures
11. Highway Song
12. Fuck The System
13. Ego Brain
14. Thetawaves
15. Roulette
16. Streamline

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With the release of their first album, System Of A Down were something different. They were bizarre, they were original, and they were over the top in a good way. Toxicity took away most of the ridiculousness and they became pretty generic. Steal This Album! was a short return to their old selves before returning to their style on the previous release.

published 16.02.2013 | Comments (5)

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27.02.2012 - 21:38
Rating: 7
This may be regarded as SOAD's weakest album, but i believe it is only their weakest by a margin. For me every album by the band has a few flaws, some more than others. 'Steal this Album!' is every bit as chaotic as the band's first two albums, yet the energetic force that made SOAD stand out from the crowd in 1998 upon the release of their debut isn't as evident on here. Nonetheless, 'BOOM' and 'Highway song' make for fun listening.
27.06.2012 - 19:33
Cuca Beludo
Account deleted
Even with the amount of fillers, it's interesting how this album is great. Every song is fun to listen, even 36 Their worst song. Insane and catchy from the beginning to the end.
06.07.2014 - 21:28
Rating: 8
Gem Seeker
This album might be a bit underrated even by SOAD fans. It is IMO their second best album after Toxicity.
03.03.2020 - 21:30
Rating: 7
Jope of Steele
I stole this album back in the day
03.03.2020 - 22:33
Rating: 7
Jope of Steele
A clear dip after the masterpiece Toxicity. Still the album is alright and some of its songs easily some of the best SoaD; I'm referring to "Highway Song", "Fuck The System" and "Streamline". A disappointment, sure, has fillers, sure, but still worth looking into if not fully, then just for these better songs.

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