Dark Tranquillity - Moment

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Release date: 20 November 2020
Style: Gothenburg metal


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01. Phantom Days
02. Transient
03. Identical To None
04. The Dark Unbroken
05. Remain In The Unknown
06. Standstill
07. Ego Deception
08. A Drawn Out Exit
09. Eyes Of The World
10. Failstate
11. Empires Lost To Time
12. In Truth Divided
13. Silence As A Force [2 CD edition bonus]
14. Time In Relativity [2 CD edition bonus]

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There have been a number of stellar moments in the impressive career of Dark Tranquillity to date. Moment is not one of them, but it's not a disaster either.

published 22.11.2020 | Comments (16)

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22.11.2020 - 21:14
Rating: 6
So far it hasnt clicked yet. And it might be probably one of the worst albums from them (and im a big fan of Construct and Atoma). It just seems that for now the songs dont have the usual DT catchyness. I really like Stanne's clean vocals so thats definitely not the problem so as others have pointed out it must be the songwriting thats a bit off.

This is like Katatonia's latest offering. Is it bad? No, but something is off, their usual catchyness is not there (as it wasnt in the previous album, although that was way more prog than this one), so it makes the album sounds like a bunch of songs that while not hurting my hears, I'll probably never come back to them (except the singles which really got me hyped for the album)
23.11.2020 - 04:35
Rating: 8
The bonus track Time in Relativity is just great!

I prefer the album over construct, possibly. The first three tracks are top notch, as well as Empires Lost to Time.
I feel like it might take another album for them to get really effective with their new lineup.
23.11.2020 - 11:24
Rating: 5
Written by X-FrEaK on 22.11.2020 at 21:14

This is like Katatonia's latest offering.

Got the same feeling.
25.11.2020 - 06:26
Rating: 9
Well i'm really liking it! It feels more like a continuation off the Projector sound then any of their more recent offerings to me. There is a fair bit of cleans on the record, especially in the second half. Unlike Projector though, this album is extremely well polished and it might be the most mature album I've ever heard. Sometimes this ends up making an album sound sterile but I think DT did a great job of not falling into that trap. The riffage on this album is amazing and Michael is incredible as always.

I do highly recommend getting the bonus tracks though. Silence As a Force in particular sounds like it coulda been off of Damage Done!

Highlights: Identical to None, A Drawn Out Exit, Failstate
26.11.2020 - 10:55
Rating: 9
I gave this album enough spins at this point, 8-9 maybe and it just keeps getting better and better for me. The vocals are nothing short of incredible which is exactly what I was expecting from Mikael and nothing less. I always loved his cleans and am a big fan of Projector so having a lot of cleans on the album is never a negative point for me. The melodies are beautiful, yet with enough aggression and as always, the band incorporates nice keyboard passages. People seem to be slating riffs and solos, but I personally enjoy all of it.

Not being a musician myself, I can't judge their complexity, but then again, complexity is never something that I am seeking in music, to me it's all about the feeling, vibe and atmosphere that the song creates and this album is making me want more! Solid 9 and one of my AOT \m/
26.11.2020 - 21:03
Rating: 7
So far it's not clicking with me either. But I'll give it more spins, I still have Damage Done as one of my most loved albums, ever.
Today - 02:48
Rating: 7
Rafael Cevidanes
I can't say I'm disappointed, but I can't say I'm delighted, either. DT has almost always delighted me in some way, maybe I should just be less used to it or take a very few listens as done so far.

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