Graveworm - Scourge Of Malice

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Release date: 31 July 2001
Style: Symphonic black metal


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01. Dreaded Time
02. Unhallowed By The Infernal One
03. Abandoned By Heaven
04. Descending Into Ethereal Mist
05. Threnody
06. Demonic Dreams
07. Fear Of The Dark [Iron Maiden cover]
08. In Vengeance Of Our Wrath
09. Ars Diaboli (Gregorian Chants)
10. Sanctity Within Darkness

Additional info
Scourge of Malice is an album by Graveworm, released in 2001 through Last Episode. The 7th track (Fear of the Dark) is often mislabeled on most P2P networks as being performed by Cradle of Filth, Children of Bodom, or Kalmah and on the itunes store the entire album is mislabeled as a Barbie Bangkok album.

Length: 53:53

Recorded in Boom Room Studios, Austria
Label: Napalm Records America
Producer: Graveworm & Boban Milunovic

The Band
* Stefan Fiori - Vocals
* Steve Unterpertinger - Lead-Guitar
* Sabine Mair - Keyboards
* Eric Treffel - Rhythm-Guitar
* Diddi Schraffel - Bass
* Martin Innerbichler - Drums

* Laura Jungwirt - Violin
* Severin Trogbacher - Viola
* Theresia Kainzbauern - cello
* Peter Nietsche - Bass
* Moritz Polin, Erwig Pfaffenzeller, Jorg Pfaffenzeller - Gregorianic chants on "Ars Diaboli"
* Jorg Pfaffenzeller - Acoustic Guitar
* Herman Kühebacher - Scottish Warpipe

Special Guest on "Threnody" by Boban Milunovic

All music written and composed by Graveworm except "Fear of the Dark" by Steve Harris

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10.02.2016 - 22:37
Rating: 7
Production on this record seems a little "punchier" than on the previous Graveworm albums, but the musicianship and songwriting isn't any better. I think the only real change is that the band decided to go for lengthier songs surrounded by one or two minute-long instrumentals to fill the time. However, there is a song that really stands out to me: "Threnody", which actually caught me by surprise. What I was expecting was completely different to what I heard. Three minutes of light acoustic melancholy followed by a heavier rhythm section, but which details some truly explosive, melancholic solo work. Because of this the song stands out from the rest of the album, though other highlights can be found in "Unhallowed by the Infernal One" and the excellent Maiden cover.
07.03.2016 - 23:53
Does anyone know the lyrics of Ars Diaboli?
I've been searching for more info about this 'Gregorian Chant'
But nothing yet.
It would be great to know what this song is about.

18.05.2017 - 12:01
Rating: 8
M C Vice
Love the cover version of Fear Of the Dark. Especially the intro.
"Another day, another Doug."
"I'll fight you on one condition. That you lower your nipples."

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