Menhir - Buchonia [EP]

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Release date: 1997
Style: Viking black metal


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01. Sonnenwende
02. Germanenkunst
03. Buchonia
04. Falkenburgstein

Guest review by
Carl Berg
The year 1997 saw the release of a large number of highly unusual metal albums, characterised by heavy use of keyboards, harsh vocals, catchy melodies and lyrics about nature and paganism. These demos and EPs, unknown at the time, were paving the way for a whole new genre of music: folk metal. 1997 saw the forming of Finntroll, milestone demos by bands such as Moonsorrow, Falkenbach, Einherjer, Primordial, and, of course, Cruachan. One of the least known bands that emerged in this glorious year was Menhir hailing from the heart of Germany.

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