Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

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Release date: 13 April 2007
Style: Industrial rock, Industrial metal


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01. Hyperpower!
02. The Beginning of the End
03. Survivalism
04. The Good Soldier
05. Vessel
06. Me, I'm Not
07. Capital G
08. My Violent Heart
09. The Warning
10. God Given
11. Meet Your Master
12. The Greater Good
13. The Great Destroyer
14. Another Version of the Truth
15. In This Twilight
16. Zero-Sum

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It seems to me like the whole world of music criticism has one big collective hard-on for Nine Inch Nails' latest magnum opus Year Zero - whether in print or online, reviewers do their best to construct the most pretentious and convoluted diatribes about how Trent's midlife crisis influences his music, the social significance of the album's guerrilla marketing tactics and how cool the color-changing thermo-chrome disc is. In the midst of all this what often seems to be lost is an honest look at how good the music on this album actually is. And the truth is, my friends, that Year Zero is an excellent album that really deserves to be heard, whether you want to consider its context or not.

published 26.04.2007 | Comments (10)


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WouLd be a soLid 2 if it weren't for "meet your master".

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