Angel Witch - Angel Witch

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Release date: 12 March 1980
Style: New wave of British heavy metal


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Disc I
01. Angel Witch
02. Atlantis
03. White Witch
04. Confused
05. Sorceress
06. Gorgon
07. Sweet Danger
08. Free Man
09. Angel Of Death
10. Devil's Tower
11. Loser [1990 reissue bonus]
12. Suffer [1990 reissue bonus]
13. Dr. Phibes [1990 reissue bonus]
14. Flight Nineteen [2000 reissue bonus]
15. Baphomet [2000 reissue bonus]
16. Hades Paradise [2000 reissue bonus]
17. Sweet Danger [live][2005 reissue bonus]
18. Angel Of Death [live][2005 reissue bonus]
19. Extermination Day [live][2005 reissue bonus]
20. Angel Witch [live][2005 reissue bonus]

Disc II [30th Anniversary Edition bonus]
01. Devil's Tower [demo]
02. White Witch [demo]
03. Baphomet [demo]
04. Sorcerers [demo]
05. Extermination Day [demo]
06. Flight Nineteen [demo]
07. Hades Paradise [demo]
08. Baphomet [Metal For Muthas compilation version]
09. Sweet Danger [single version]
10. Hades Paradise ["Sweet Danger" B-side version]
11. Flight Nineteen ["Sweet Danger" B-side version]
12. Angel Witch [single version]
13. Gorgon ["Angel Witch" B-side version]
14. Loser [EP version]
15. Suffer ["Loser" EP B-side version]
16. Dr. Phibes ["Loser" EP B-side version]

Top 20 albums of 1980: 10

Kevin Heybourne - guitar, vocals
Kevin "Skids" Riddles - bass
Dave Hogg - drums

Additional info
Each reissue contains all of the bonus tracks released on the previous reissue, along with new bonus tracks.

Guest review by
Angel Witch is, to me, one of the biggest "what if" bands in heavy metal. The frequent changing of the lineup and delegation of vocal duties from Kevin Heybourne to others after their phenomenal debut resulted in two follow-ups that, while not altogether terrible, contained none of the energy, personality, or brilliance of the first landmark Angel Witch album. If only the trio had stayed intact, Angel Witch could very well be one of the most successful bands on the scene today. Who knows what other great works they were capable of back in their prime? Instead, we must remember them for this one-off masterpiece.

published 25.12.2012 | Comments (4)

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31.10.2010 - 23:14
Great Album
Goodspeed on the Devils Thunder
21.03.2012 - 15:46
( invisible )
This album re-released last month, i got it last week, it is a Death Metal album !
21.03.2012 - 17:35
( invisible )
Written by BloodFireDeath on 31.10.2010 at 23:14

Great Album

Are You Serious ?
21.03.2012 - 17:37
Account deleted
Written by ( invisible ) on 21.03.2012 at 15:46

it is a Death Metal album !

Are you serious?
21.03.2012 - 17:49
( invisible )
Written by Guest on 21.03.2012 at 17:37

Written by ( invisible ) on 21.03.2012 at 15:46

it is a Death Metal album !

Are you serious?

100% positive. After listening to this album you will be Angry To Death. That's why it is a Death Metal Album.

Last week, I though Gamma Ray - Majestic was the worst album I have listened for the past 12 months, who know BoxCar Willy and Angel Witch immediately taken over the place this week. Finally there is another album having the same rate as BCW in my list.
(if I have a chance attending their concert, I will throw this CD I bought last week to stage. Fxxxxxx childish album, a piece of shit)
09.05.2012 - 19:54
Rating: 9
The genre itself isn't really new, but against such releases as Iron maiden's self titled album and Sabbath's 'Heaven and Hell' Angel Witch's debut stands very strong. The title track, 'Angel of Death' and 'Loser' are all brilliant examples of this band's unique sound.
16.12.2012 - 16:46
Account deleted
Excellent debut album. 1980 was the golden year for N.W.O.B.H.M and this record is among Iron Maidens and Diamond Heads debut the best. I believe this is their best effort.
27.12.2017 - 23:09
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Only self titled song was good, basically boring and useless album whit bad sound and all bad, it needs kick out garaged teenage jeans demo era rebellion and re record it in proper studio whit proper work.
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
07.03.2020 - 15:50
Rating: 9
JoHn DoE
Excellent album, I'm listening to it right now, after long long time, forgot how great it is.
I thought the two primary purposes for the internet were cat memes and overreactions.
20.02.2021 - 01:55
Rating: 7
Dark Horizons
I really love Free Man, but I can't consider this album a masterpiece.
We are just a moment in time
A blink of an eye
A dream for the blind
Visions from a dying brain
I hope you don't understand

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