Gamma Ray - To The Metal!

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Release date: 29 January 2010
Style: Power metal


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01. Empathy
02. All You Need To Know
03. Time To Live
04. To The Metal
05. Rise
06. Mother Angel
07. Shine Forever
08. Deadlands
09. Chasing Shadows
10. No Need To Cry
11. One Life [Japanese bonus]
12. Wannabees [7" bonus]
13. To The Metal [demo] [7" bonus]
+ DVD: The Making Of To The Metal [limited edition bonus]

Kai Hansen - vocals, guitars
Henjo Richter - guitars, keyboards
Dirk Schlächter - bass, additional vocals
Daniel Zimmermann - drums, additional vocals

Additional info
Recorded, mixed and mastered between May and December 2009 by Dirk Schlächter & Kai Hansen at High Gain Studios, Hamburg.
Produced by the Spirit of Freedom.
Cover painting by Herve Monjeaud.
Artworx and booklett design by Alexander Mertsch for glcons.
Photos by Axel Jusseit.

Staff review by
Baz Anderson
Almost as if the band as a whole sustained some form of brain damage from some tragic and unforeseeable accident, Gamma Ray have not been themselves since 2001's great No World Order. The last two albums saw the band as mere shadows of themselves blatantly and obviously ripping off other bands, none more than Judas Priest.

published 04.02.2010 | Comments (46)

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08.07.2010 - 03:58
This is going to sound like blasfemy but I kind of like To the Metal (the song). I almost can imagine being in the concert with Dio's sign of the devil in the air singing "Hailllllll to the metal, haillllllllll"
I don't know, it's not that bad.
09.07.2010 - 14:48
Angelic Storm
Written by Farbsryche on 14.02.2010 at 15:41

Since No World Order, Gamma Ray have really struggled, as is plain for all to see with To The Metal.

I wouldnt really agree with that... I thought Majestic was a really good album. LOTF II though, was a real disappointment to me, and apart from 2 or 3 great songs was totally average. And definitely Gamma Ray's worst album IMO. 'To The Metal' is defintely an improvement over LOTF II, but still isnt in the same league as their best albums. Most of the album isnt bad, its just incredibly uninspired. The title track being the best example of that. Songs like 'Empathy', 'Shine Forever', 'Rise', and 'Deadlands' are really great Gamma Ray songs, and give me hope that the next album may be the return to classic album form that Im waiting for. xD
10.05.2011 - 03:58
John Shock
Written by JÄY on 06.02.2010 at 00:30

Alright fuck..i caved....i changed the order of the songs....
first off, i ditched to the metal
01 - rise
02 - deadlands
03 - mother angel
04 - time to live
05 - empathy
06 - all you need to know
07 - shine forever
08 - no need to cry
09 - chasing shadows

now, its better

You're may be right about the order of the track list! In some versions of the album the order of the tracklist is exactly what is here! but you're missing one song, the main song, the album titled song "To The Metal"!
24.12.2012 - 22:08
Kai Hansen's voice is horrible, almost in this album
25.06.2015 - 01:53
Rating: 7
Mountain King
K i K o
Average album compared to Gamma Ray standards. The music is good, guitar solos are great, Henjo is a great guitarist and so is Kai. The main problem is that Kai souds tired out and it lacks catchy vocal lines and hooks, Chasing Shadows is my favorite...

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