Release date: 2001
Style: Heavy metal


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01. Shellshock
02. Steppin' On A Landmine
03. Blood, Guts And Beer
04. Run Like Hell
05. Don't Walk Away
06. Filth Hounds Of Hades
07. Stormtrooper
08. The Snake
09. Shellshock [Demo version]
10. Run Like Hell [Demo version]
11. Blood, Guts And Beer [Demo version]
12. Hammer On [Radio Session version] [Expanded Edition bonus]
13. Don't Walk Away [Radio Session version] [Expanded Edition bonus]
14. Heavy Artillery [Radio Session version] [Expanded Edition bonus]
15. T.W.D.A.M.O [Live at Parkpop 1982] [Expanded Edition bonus]
16. Blood, Guts And Beer [Live at Parkpop 1982] [Expanded Edition bonus]
17. Too Tired To Wait For Love [Demo version] [Expanded Edition bonus]
18. Man Who Never Was [Demo version] [Expanded Edition bonus]

Additional info
Tracks 1 - 8 Recorded Live on TDK SA-90 Cassette Dortmund, Germany 1981. Mixed by Murray.
Tracks 9 - 11 Recorded at Soundsuite Studios, London, England and Engineered by Alvin Clark. Produced by Tank.

An "Expanded Edition" was released on 08/06/2006 by Maniacal Records.

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