Revengia - Eraser

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Release date: 2009
Style: Groove heavy metal


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01. Eraser
02. Pain
03. Sweet Dreams
04. Life
05. Still a Tomorrow Dawning
06. Deny
07. Whore
08. Hollow Soul
09. Prince of Darkness
10. Holy Lies
11. Breathe Me
12. Back to Hell

Additional info
Thrashy Heavy Metal
Label: Licensed by Dirge: Thundering Records / Pervade / Manitou
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Sweden: 2007
Length: 49:37

Line-Up on the CD:
Vocals: Andreas Tomasson
Guitars: Matti Almsenius
Bass: Martin Karlsson
Drums: Daniel Erlandsson

Staff review by
Released in 2007 by a totally unknown label, I tend to believe that only a few metalheads found a way to listen to this album until today. Luckily, Thundering Records thought that it was maybe a good thing to re-release the album and here we are again with this new edition. Sure, Thundering Records is not Nuclear Blast and I doubt that it will be so easy to find this record in all the shops around the world but they usually do a good work of promotion and distribution so with a bit of chance you'll find a way to listen to Eraser! Does it deserve your attention at least? Well, this release is good especially if you like Heavy Metal with big balls, so yes my friends you've probably missed something so the time to repair this mistake is coming!

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