2006- Yhdarl - all instruments, vocals  
2006- Merda Mundi - all instruments, vocals  
2007- C.O.A.G. - all instruments, vocals  
2007- Slow - all instruments  
2007-2014 Deviant Messiah - vocals  
2009- Maladie - cello, piano, vocals  
2009- Ignifer - bass, drums, vocals  
2009- Imber Luminis - all instruments, vocals  
2009-2011 Dunkelnacht - vocals  
2013- We All Die (Laughing) - all instruments, vocals  
2013- K.F.R - drums  
2013-2015 Deos - all instruments, vocals  
2013-2016 Clouds - bass, guitars  
2014- Sources Of I - bass, vocals  

Guest musician

2012 Demented - piano  
2013 Colosus - vocals  
2013 Beyond Life - vocals  
2013 Eye Of Solitude - backing vocals  
2014 Morodh - piano  
2014 Descend Into Despair - vocals  
2015 Gurthang - spoken words  

Personal information

Born on: 03.05.1985

Mental : Extreme, paradoxical, egocentric, has got knowledge and knows it, thus is arrogant and all that kind of words. You'd better know me before starting judging me. I am weird, I mean it. Yet I am cool. Got it?

Music : I make different kinds of noise for my own personal will and envy. Let's say that these are my main occupations : Yhdarl (duo with Larvalis, Black/Drone/Doom), Merda Mundi (solo project, Black Metal), Imber Luminis (solo project, Melodic/Athmospheric Doom/Black), Slow (solo project, Drone/Ambiant/FuneralDoom), Khel (solo project, Noise/DeathAmbiant), Alenda (solo project, Ethereal/Melodic/Ambient), compositor, singer & sound engineer of Deviant Messiah (Death/Black), singer of Wunde (sick black industrial noise), guitar & vocals in The Undisclosed Twinz, Gigapenzor (duo with Dj Pie, Lolgrindtek). I am also the manager & percussionist of ragga act Jah El Camino

Texts : I write English & French poems or texts, lyrics from solo and band projects, some macabre texts and is willing to write a full novel. One day I will do all of these.

Ambitious is the word. Trust yourself before trusting someone, or gods.