Vreid - V

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Release date: 7 February 2011
Style: Black metal


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01. Arche
02. The Blood Eagle
03. Wolverine Bastards
04. The Sound Of The River
05. Fire On The Mountain
06. The Others & The Look
07. Slave
08. Welcome To The Asylum
09. Then We Die

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Well, this album starts of well, and gets even better. In saying that, former members of Windir, minus the late Valfar (R.I.P.), show off their skills in a upheaving battle towards catchy and heavy anthems with their 5th full length since 2004's Kraft. Think of I vocals, melodies and "black-and-roll" style with Abbath like shrieks, and you find yourself listening to one of the top early black metal releases of 2011. Starting off, this album is very easy to listen to for beginners of black metal. It is abrasive without being too "raw" like newer infamous Scandinavian and USBM, but doesn't give up on more seasoned listeners of the genre.

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27.01.2011 - 06:48
07.02.2011 - 20:29
Account deleted
The song on myspace ("Arche") is not that awesome
10.02.2011 - 02:23
Rating: 9
Opeth fan
You would be doing a disservice to yourself if you didn't check this band out. These guys really have a great sound and bring a lot of talent with them, the vocals, drums and guitars are all incredibly fused together without anyone becoming annoying in the process. I've listened to some bands who just don't seem to mesh together very well, either the drummer is stuck bashing the snare drum as fast as possible or the guitarist is clinging to playing a solo at every opportunity drowning out the rest of the band, or of course there's always the self absorbed vocalist who has to be the center of the sound and competes for space with everyone else.
They probably won't be for everyone's taste but they should be.
28.02.2011 - 19:43
Rating: 9
Metal slave
Fuckin love it... these guys' style of black metal is perfect, for me
04.03.2011 - 04:04
The "Blood Eagle" carries a great vibe from the album opener, definitely a determined band with a great atmosphere throughout.
20.04.2011 - 23:28
Rating: 8
I really like this release by them, i found i enjoy it much more than i did Milorg. There is really some great cohesion in the band here, and the songs flow together nicely.
This is also the first band with Stromm back in the lineup, which makes this the original Windir lineup for the first time ever since Windir broke up in 2004. Stromm's leads sound different than ese, and it gives the album a different feel.

I really like the guitars on this album! They have a classic feel but still feel really refreshing, and the lead work is excellent. Its a solid effort.
05.01.2012 - 23:51
Sounds like a valid continuation of Windir.
13.02.2012 - 12:41
Rating: 8
This album is an absolute killer
01.03.2012 - 06:20
Somehow I had no idea that Windir was continued in this band, I can't wait! I'll check this one out first, thanks again to the awards
21.04.2012 - 00:11
Rating: 8
Stunning record.

Very good indeed.

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