Kypck - Ниже

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Release date: 9 February 2011
Style: Doom metal


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01. Гифарус
02. После (After)
03. Аллея Сталина (The Alley Of Stalin)
04. Чужой (Stranger)
05. Фелица
06. Разрыв (Rupture)
07. Бурлаки на Волге (Burlaks On The Volga)
08. Бардак (Brothel)
09. Товарищам (Comrades)
10. Вальс смерти (Death Waltz)

Additional info
Line-up on the album:
E. Seppänen - Vocals
S. S. Lopakka - Guitars
J. T. Ylä-Rautio - Bass
K. H. M. Hiilesmaa - Drums

Produced and engineered by Hiilesmaa
Mixed by Hiilesmaa and Juha Heininen

Nizhe was recorded and mixed during 2009 - 2010 at Yellow House Studio
Drums recorded at Matrixtor Studio
Mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsbäck

Cover photography by Aleksei Repkin
Layout, design, logos and symbols by Lopakka

The album is titled НИЖЕ, pronounced /nizhe/ and translating to 'Lower'.

Guest review by
Bands that are based on a concept are spreading like a plague these days. It's most often interesting because this turns metal into a parallel world, like a city with many different houses and inhabitants. It's getting vivid and at the same time it connects strongly to reality. Well, actually our reality's past and history, when you go from the Roman empire through Germanic tribes, medieval ages, and so on until you reach the time of communism. Where pagan metal is serving the former concepts, Kypck strikes with stories of the USSR. Nizhe is the second album, and second albums are always interesting because it shows whether the band can maintain their high level like this band showed with their debut Cherno.

published 15.04.2012 | Comments (5)

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09.02.2011 - 09:23
Rating: 7
Death To Posers
Hate Thy King
These guys have an awesome band picture
The word gen means "illusion" or "apparition." In India, a man who uses conjury is called a genjutsushi ["a master of illusion technique"]. Everything in this world is but a marionette show. Thus we use the word gen.
25.04.2011 - 13:00
Account deleted
Love their work every time!
26.04.2011 - 02:59
Troy Killjoy
This isn't radically different from their debut, but it seems to be less consistent. I didn't love Cherno to begin with, but I didn't hate it either. I think people give them too much credit for the "Russians from Finland" thing they have going on. It's still better than anything Sentenced released after Amok if you ask me.
Prettier than BloodTears.
26.04.2011 - 03:06
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Written by Troy Killjoy on 26.04.2011 at 02:59

It's still better than anything Sentenced released after Amok if you ask me.

There I totally disagree although Amok was one of Sentenced's best
Member of the true crusade against European Flower Metal

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Dawn Crosby (r.i.p.)
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15.11.2011 - 16:53
Rating: 9
Metal Addict
Great album. I think I like it more than "Черно".
And I think that the band gets the respect they deserve. I love doom metal but sadly Kypck is the only doom metal band in the last 5-8 years that managed to impress me. Even though I listened to a plenty of doom metal releases.
And I think that comparing them to Sentenced isn't right as these two bands are very different.
"And we are not who we think we are
We are who we're afraid to be"
- Lux Occulta "The Opening of Eleventh Sephirah"
23.11.2011 - 14:25
Rating: 9
I haven't listened to their first album(will get to that with time) but I listened to this before learning the fact that they were Finnish singing Russian. I loved it from start to finish. The fact that they are Finnish singing Russian doesn't add anything for me. Its kinda like me speaking German and am Ugandan. That said though..this is some damn good Russian. In my opinion, Russian has never sounded better. Heck, after listening to this..I want to speak Russian!
Freeze! Step away from the hubris.
11.02.2012 - 17:00
Rating: 6
That was a dissapointment in comparison with their last album. I like their music but i found this album very boring...
23.09.2015 - 18:41
Rating: 7
Decent doom, but not too interesting.
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