Gojira - Terra Incognita

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Release date: 19 March 2001
Style: Progressive death metal


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01. Clone
02. Lizard Skin
03. Satan Is A Lawyer
04. 04
05. Blow Me Away You(Niverse)
06. 5988 Trillions De Tonnes
07. Deliverance
08. Space Time
09. On The B.O.T.A
10. Rise
11. Fire Is Everything
12. Love
13. 1990 Quatrillions De Tonnes
14. In The Forest
15. Clone [live] [2009 re-release bonus]
16. Love [live] [2009 re-release bonus]
17. Space Time [live] [2009 re-release bonus]

Joe Duplantier - guitars, vocals
Christian Andreu - guitars
Mario Duplantier - drums
Jean-Michel Labadie - bass

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Chapter I: An Ambitious (Yet Flawed) Inception

Gojira's career trajectory has been interesting to say the least. While their level of brutality and intensity certainly hasn't been lacking with later releases (well, perhaps with the exception of Magma), it's really fascinating to go back to their debut album Terra Incognita and explore the more straightforward sounds the group started with. At this time, Gojira were still a young band who didn't know exactly where they were headed (who does at that point in their career?); as such, Terra Incognita captures the four-piece at a much more embryonic and undeveloped state.

published 05.05.2020 | Comments (5)

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27.01.2012 - 07:09
Rating: 10
Sonic MrSumo
This album is pure brilliance!
All the bridges in the world won't save you, if there's no other side to cross to.
- Rock poetry from Silverchair.
01.03.2012 - 21:08
Rating: 9
Satan is a lawyer
31.05.2012 - 23:39
Rating: 9
We Could not start better. the beginning of a long journey to gojira!
20.08.2015 - 13:15
Rating: 7
I've always thought of Gojira's first two albums as often overlooked works, but it's probably that way with good reason. Even on their debut however, Gojira were already sowing the seeds of musical experimentation, and that definitive musical direction which would eventually become fully realized on From Mars..., transitioned that way via The Link. What I really mean is, there are a lot of songs on the band's debut album that, if refined and sort of modernized to fit the production and atmosphere of the latter day material, wouldn't sound so out of place. As it is then, the gritty, almost tribal effects of songs such as "Clone", "Blow Me Away (You) Niverse" and "Space Time" all deliver a solid fusion of technical, complex death metal, but I think the best moments are in "Satan is a Lawyer", "Deliverance" and my personal favourite cut from this album, "Love", the latter of which has an excellent build-up. Would be a higher rating if it wasn't for the numerous fillers ("04" and "5988 Trillions de Tonnes" are pretty much useless in my opinion), but oh well. Still pretty great stuff.
02.11.2015 - 20:22
Rating: 10
One of my first ventures into death metal and the first album I listened to by Gojira. I was instantly hooked. Out of all Gojira's albums (which are all excellent), this one will always be my favourite.
24.02.2019 - 02:28
Rating: 8
Mountain King
K i K o
My only comment is that it's too long. I would remove 3 songs "Satan Is A Lawyer", "On The B.O.T.A." & "Rise" but that's just me. Otherwise, I was surprised that this debut is pretty solid and technical.

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