Mares Of Thrace - The Moulting

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Release date: 12 June 2010
Style: Sludge metal, Doom metal


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01. Harsh Tutelage Of The Waltzing Kodiak
02. Mandible
03. Rawcake
04. General Sherman
05. Perseid
06. Oatmeal And Pornography
07. Venison
08. Calcium Channels
09. The Arch
10. Opportunist

Staff review by
Doc G.
Brand new female duet, Calgary based doom metal band...This should be interesting!

Ok, not exactly what one could consider straight-up doom, more of a strange amalgamation of sludge, experimental, and punk. Of course, with a band name sitting on the pretentious side, the experimental really goes without saying.

Now, when we're talking experimental, we're not talking about that inaccessible pointless garbage that boasts your masturbatory snobbery. You know that stack of "experimental" metal CDs - or more likely cassette tapes - you leave lying around nonchalantly so when your friends come over you can strike up a conversation, hoping to inadvertently explain how you're better than them? The ones you never actually listen to? Yeah, those, we know about your little facade. Point being, this isn't one of those. No overindulgent extended atmospheric passages, and no non-existent "time signatures" the band presumably crafted for years, but was actually the result of an attempt to record while drunk (yeah, we know about that ploy as well.)

published 20.07.2010 | Comments (16)

Definitely a grower of an album. Jagged aggression and spine crushing grooves makes The Moulting one hell of an engrossing listen. Memorable enough to be...well, memorable, yet enough forgettable parts to make each listen a new experience with fun stuff/cool riffs you didn't notice before.

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