Mortiis - Født Til Å Herske

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Release date: 1993
Style: Ambient Darkwave


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01. Født Til Å Herske (Pt. 1)
02. Født Til Å Herske (Pt. 2)

Additional info
Originally released by Malicious Records, the CD version had several press runs off which several had different label prints due to misprints, etc.

The original LP by Malicious Records was released in 500 copies on black vinyl, and 500 copies on purple vinyl. Both versions had gatefold covers and came with a poster.

The LP version was later reissued by DDM with new artwork in a gatefold sleeve with a poster.

The first 500 copies came on golden vinyl and was hand numbered and signed by the artist.

The CD version was later reissued by Projekt Records in the US, yet again with new artwork. The same version was also reissued by Earache Records, with the same artwork for the remaining territories.

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Mortiis, who left Emperor because of his lack of interest in Black Metal, started his own one man band. Født Til å Herske, Mortiis' debut album only has two songs, but two very long songs and it is an Ambient album who actually still reminds you of Black Metal in some way.

For starters, it's rough production. It's not Black Metal basement kind of production but still kind of rough for an Ambient album. Also it has an ice cold atmosphere to it, it reminds me a lot of Satyricon's Dark Medieval Times in terms of feel. That there are only two songs with a length of around 25 minutes each also means it quite hard to digest, still it has an amazing atmosphere and it's like journey trough cold medieval winter mountains. Chockfull of interesting effects also makes you want to come back and listen to it again and again, such as weird Norwegian narration which I still have to look up for it's translations. Downsides of this album is surely it's slowness, the two later ambient albums with it's same two long song standard - are faster and more varied and have a tad better production. It's also requires the right mood for listing to Født Til å Herske, you won't of course listen to it when you are having lunch at McDonalds with tons of people around you.

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Great, as background music.

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