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Release date: 22 February 2013
Style: Extreme power metal


7.7 | 193 votes


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01. Saivo
02. Dark Alliance
03. Legion Of Beast
04. Kuura
05. Dance Of December
06. The Day
07. Sound Of Silence
08. Beneath The Frozen Leaves
09. Swan Saivo
10. Blood Stained Sea
11. Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act III: Saivon Lapsi)
12. New Dawn [Japanese bonus]
13. Another One Falls Asleep [2012 version] [Japanese bonus]

Lyrics (9)

Altti Veteläinen - vocals, bass
Jarmo Kylmänen - vocals
Janne Tolsa - keyboards
Jarmo Puolakanaho - guitars
Mika Lammassaari - guitars
Juho Raappana - drums

Guest musicians
Miriam Elisabeth Renvåg - vocals

Additional info
Producer: Jarmo Kylmänen.
Recording: Ahti Kortelainen & Janne Tolsa.
Mixing: Mikko Karmila.
Mastering: Mika Jussila.
Cover art & photography: Travis Smith & O.W. Kinnunen.

"Saivon Lapsi" could be translated as "Child of Saivo". In the folklore of the Saami people, Saivo is the underworld.

Staff review by

Let me tell you, timing is a bitch, and not just in the sense of trends deciding whether your album will be successful or not (are there any revivalist thrash bands that won't be met with "KILL IT, KILL IT WITH FIRE" in 2013?). What I want to address is the fact that a band's growth and path should match the growth and path of their fanbase for maximum artistic success. There are bands which evolve alongside their audience (hi, Enslaved), and then there are bands which, despite personnel and style changes, find that their audience has not only stayed the same average age, but also that their own children are rapidly approaching that age too (hi, Nightwish). The fans of Eternal Tears Of Sorrow are four years ahead of their favorite band right now.

published 28.03.2013 | Comments (8)

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Lovecraft - 11.10.2010 at 15:30  
  Looking forward to this.
Dargor - 12.10.2010 at 17:54  
  I wasn't expecting this. Any sources?
goashem - 15.10.2010 at 12:42
Rozz - 10.01.2011 at 18:19  
Rating: 8 If this is anything like children of dark waters this will be epic!
eximius - 26.01.2011 at 05:27  
  Hope it will be extremely sad
Oriax - 28.03.2011 at 13:06  
Rating: 8 Man I can't wait... One of my fav. bands ever!
Troy Killjoy - 28.03.2011 at 14:04  
  Hated Children..., it was so dull and cheesy (at the same time, somehow). I've never been an avid fan or anything, but their previous efforts didn't turn me off nearly as much as that. This will probably continue with that direction, so I'll probably avoid it.
Yugosaki - 21.04.2011 at 21:45  
Rating: 7 I loved Children, and i hope it will be good as children was...
Cynic Metalhead - 17.06.2011 at 02:56  
Written by Dargor on 12.10.2010 at 17:54

I wasn't expecting this. Any sources?

Check this out!!
Fallen Ghost - 06.11.2012 at 12:45  
  "The mighty daughters and sons of Ravenheart: lend us your ears for a second! We are one step closer to get our seventh album finished: the songs have been mixed. It's time to get these songs into the perfect order and then, the final magical touch i.e. mastering the whole package."

Awesome, looking forward to this!
Risto - 12.11.2012 at 15:33  
Rating: 7 Act III: Saivon Lapsi!

(Saivo is the land of the dead in Sami mythology)
Wes - 23.02.2013 at 10:44  
Rating: 7 Listening.
bodomhunter - 24.02.2013 at 13:39  
  Nice stuff after long long time
JÄY - 25.02.2013 at 05:00  
Rating: 8 Do I smell a comeback?
3dd - 25.02.2013 at 15:02  
Rating: 6 Nothing new here, sadly.

A respectful band, but the only good tracks are "Dance of December" (old Katatonia, Sentenced feeling) and "Sound of Silence".
7086945 - 26.02.2013 at 22:12  
Rating: 7
Written by 3dd on 25.02.2013 at 15:02

Nothing new here, sadly.

A respectful band, but the only good tracks are "Dance of December" (old Katatonia, Sentenced feeling) and "Sound of Silence".

Yeah I agree
CyberSymphony - 27.02.2013 at 22:47  
Rating: 7 The album is good, but it just isn't up there with the previous ones unfortunately, There are few great songs here that save my rating from being lowered and that heavier sound is definitely a good thing.
Reaper_Redeamer - 28.02.2013 at 11:41  
Rating: 6
Written by 3dd on 25.02.2013 at 15:02

Nothing new here, sadly.

A respectful band, but the only good tracks are "Dance of December" (old Katatonia, Sentenced feeling) and "Sound of Silence".

Exactly the same impression... And i am a big fan of the band....
Bad English - 09.03.2013 at 03:12  
  Just give a try , well those songs whit clear voox + angelheart I like in this lyrics in finish, and also I klike clean vox songs but seems band is trying but cant get enoigh energy and emotional touch to criate same music what thay did when was younger, but still it is not so bad at all , but not close to be perfect
Night Sight - 18.03.2013 at 16:33  
  I dont like the genre that much but i gave a try and that was amazing
RealEyes - 16.06.2013 at 10:19  
Written by Guest on 04.03.2013 at 01:16

I enjoyed the previous, this one is too powerish or how to call it... Uninspiring =/

3rdWorld - 07.11.2013 at 05:43  
  Average but tries very very hard to be interesting and good. Ok album for that. I wonder how much enjoy this.

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