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Release date: 23 March 2012
Style: Melodic black metal, Progressive black metal


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01. Epochalypse
02. Roots
03. The Beauty Of Dead Cities
04. The Earthling
05. The Plains Of Memories
06. Mount Regency
07. Frostrite
08. The Winter Eclipse
09. In A Deeper World
10. Age Of Creation [bonus]
11. My Friend Of Misery [Metallica cover] [bonus]

Lyrics (9)

Andreas Hedlund - vocals
Lars Are Nedland - keyboards, vocals
Øystein Garnes Brun - guitars
Jens F. Ryland - guitars
Simen Hestnæs - bass, vocals

Session musicians:
David Kinkade - drums, percussion

Additional info
Available formats: CD, limited Digipak CD, vinyl (black 180 gr), limited vinyl (green, grey or golden 180 gr).

Produced by Borknagar.
Recorded from June to November 2011.
Drums recorded at Toproom Studios, June 2011.
Guitars recorded at Silver Soundscapes, June - July 2011.
Keyboards, effects, and synthesizers recorded at Mezzanine Studio, October 2011.
Vocals recorded at Waves Studio and Toproom Studio, October - November 2011.
Harsh vocals engineered by Mattias Marklund.
Engineered by Borknagar and Børge Finstad.
Mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios - Örebro, December 2011.

Cover, layout and design by Marcelo Vasco
Photos by Örjan Fredriksson and Asgeir Mickelson.
Band photo design by Marcelo Vasco.

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.Nemesis. - 30.03.2011 at 02:03  
  Oh I love Borknagar! What the hell does TBA stand for?
Vitriolic Hate - 30.03.2011 at 02:11  
Written by .Nemesis. on 30.03.2011 at 02:03

Oh I love Borknagar! What the hell does TBA stand for?

TBA stands for To Be Announced.
.Nemesis. - 30.03.2011 at 02:15  
Written by Vitriolic Hate on 30.03.2011 at 02:11

Written by .Nemesis. on 30.03.2011 at 02:03

Oh I love Borknagar! What the hell does TBA stand for?

TBA stands for To Be Anounced.

AXA - 22.07.2011 at 03:37  
  I cant wait ,,,,
awesome \../
BeastOfMetal456 - 16.08.2011 at 16:21  
  I heard their debut, and I'm anticipated for this one.
zero - 07.12.2011 at 09:52  
  Vortex is back!!!!!
ManthraXXX - 12.02.2012 at 05:54  
Rating: 10 Oh My God !!!! Angelic Vortex and Hellish VinterSorg !!!!
PocketMetal - 15.03.2012 at 17:41  
Rating: 6 It is leaked guys , have to check it out .
thousandfold - 17.03.2012 at 15:07  
  Awesome album
BloodTears - 19.03.2012 at 12:31  
Rating: 7 Still need to get my hands on this one, for some reason I'm curious about it.
Dreadur - 20.03.2012 at 23:18  
  Some killer songs on this one! Love Frostrite!
Alecbirds - 26.03.2012 at 09:24  
Rating: 8 Three of my favorite vocalists in all of metal on one album.
This type of super-group doesn't come along often. Thankfully Borknagar avoid the cliche of bad super-groups, and they stay pretty consistent in quality.
Lanthros - 26.03.2012 at 19:58  
Rating: 9 This album has allready met and matched The Olden Domain and topped Empericism for me. I just plain cant stop listening
Awesomesaurus - 27.03.2012 at 02:07  
Rating: 9 Pure awesomeness.
Bleak_Advent - 30.03.2012 at 23:38  
Rating: 9 Excellent album. Hopefully they continue in this direction.
knightlightning - 01.04.2012 at 16:37  
Rating: 8 Nicely done imo
FeskarN - 02.04.2012 at 00:10  
Rating: 8 This album is amazing. Never listen so much to this band before. Vintersorgs and Vortexs vocals are pure perfection.
daemonic7 - 05.04.2012 at 10:56  
Rating: 8 One of the best album this year!
Draugen - 05.04.2012 at 23:20  
Rating: 6 There seem to be a lot of praise surrounding this particular album and while I like the more modern sound of Borknagar to some extent (especially Empiricism) I unfortunately fail to see the greatness of Urd.

Seeing as how I totally adored Vintersorg's Jordpuls released last year (very underrated imho) I had hoped that the positive aspects of that album would maybe influence Borknagar in some way as well. Now, I don't know how big a part Mr. Vintersorg plays in the band beside the vocal duties but still.

For the most part the songs have a tendancy to drag on way too much and never really get captivating enough. Past the first half of the album it went downhill and I gradually lost interest in it.

Urd ain't terrible in any way though, with the catchiness and vocal arrangements being two of its stand out components, it surely got its moments but in the end I just simply had hoped for so much more.
Nosfer - 10.04.2012 at 11:44  
  Keeps growing on me, not in the least because of Vortex...
PocketMetal - 11.04.2012 at 09:51  
Rating: 6 I like Vortex's vocals but the problem about thsi album is being hollow , it's like listening to music just to waste time ... you don't "feel" anything , the atmosphere is really weak .
Fredd - 12.04.2012 at 20:22  
  I'm a huge fanboy of Vortex, but I can't not notice that the songs here dont progress at all. I like the songs, but they all feel like they're missing their second halves.
InnerSelf - 13.04.2012 at 00:17  
Written by Guest on 12.04.2012 at 20:22

I'm a huge fanboy of Vortex

We should form a club
.Nick - 15.04.2012 at 19:17  
  The songs I heard of this were ok, but the Metallica cover was far worse than the original.
Vasil de Shumen - 19.04.2012 at 14:47  
  Very good album
Dàibh - 20.04.2012 at 21:07  
Rating: 8
Written by ManthraXXX on 12.02.2012 at 05:54

Oh My God !!!! Angelic Vortex and Hellish VinterSorg !!!!

Amen to that.
BloodTears - 08.05.2012 at 21:20  
Rating: 7 Sounds weak at first listen but I will give it a few more tries.
R'Vannith - 08.06.2012 at 16:28  
Rating: 9 This is an excellent album, I've been listening to it a lot lately, its definitely got replay value.
Night Sight - 22.06.2012 at 20:16  
  Very bad,just this
Fredd - 04.12.2012 at 22:41  
  I like it now much more than i did 8 months ago. i agree with r'vannith, it has good replay value.
NocturnalStalker - 30.01.2013 at 17:28  
Rating: 9 In my opinion, it's Borknagar's best work since "Empiricism". This album sounds like a fruit of the alliance of five great musicians, each of them doing their best. I must admit, I see the return of ICS Vortex as very welcome - not only for his vocals and bass lines - actually, "Frostrite" is one of my favourite songs from "Urd". The others are "The Earthling", "Roots", "The Beauty Of Dead Cities" and "The Winter Eclipse".
musicalkaratekid - 22.03.2013 at 15:44  
Rating: 7 Definitely one of their best albums for me. The sound in general seems to be much more epic and ambitious than ever before yet there are also instances where they seem to go back to their black metal roots, in particular on 'Epochalypse' and 'The beauty of dead cities'. With the dreamy atmosphere of 'In a deeper world' and the harmonious yet powerful 'The earthling' Borknagar's latest album brings about various moods that are reflected very well in the instrumentation.
doom777 - 29.06.2013 at 00:03  
Rating: 9 Excellent album!
Dr. Strawberry - 19.03.2014 at 12:22  
Rating: 3 OK, the problem is most of the time when a Black Metal band decides to add in keyboards is due to having intention to increase the dark atmosphere, sometimes keyboardist enables to replace the guitarists as the main role. I can't see the reason that this band needs a keyboardist as the role has been always acting as an accompanied role, or created childish and meaningless melodies. This is a No-No band for me !
Bad English - 26.02.2015 at 14:25  
  Its hard listen so regularly whole discography easier is when its out year by year so ... good album but what I like most was it was 80% calm vocals, not growls, I like calm vocals, its good
cover song is best
masterofdisguise - 09.11.2015 at 01:07  
Rating: 10 One of the best albums I've ever heard, and bork's best release imo...from the first seconds of epochalypse I knew I was before a true masterpiece, and all three vocalists sound awesome here, beauty of dead cities...whoa, what a track. Well, I doubt they can top this, but next album will have garm on it, so let's see...
TrueMetalJope - 15.06.2016 at 19:13  
  Pretty good album, but I agree with people who say that the songs aren't progressing very much after their beginning, at least not in an interesting way.

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