Brutal Truth - End Time

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Release date: 27 September 2011
Style: Grindcore


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01. Malice
02. Simple Math
03. End Time
04. Fuck Cancer
05. Celebratory Gunfire
06. Small Talk
07. .58 Caliber
08. Swift And Violent [Swift version]
09. Crawling Man Blues
10. Lottery
11. Warm Embrace Of Poverty
12. Old World Order
13. Butcher
14. Killing Planet Earth
15. Gut-Check
16. All Work And No Play
17. Addicted
18. Sweet Dreams
19. Echo Friendly Discharge
20. Twenty Bag
21. Trash
22. Drink Up
23. Control Room
24. Dead [Napalm Death cover] [Deluxe bonus]
25. Money Stinks [D.R.I. cover] [Deluxe bonus]
26. White Clam Sauce [NYC Mayhem cover] [Deluxe bonus]
27. Swift And Violent [Violent version] [Deluxe bonus]
28. S.O.B. [S.O.B. cover] [Deluxe bonus]
29. The Nightmare Continues [Discharge cover] [Deluxe bonus]

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Mr. Doctor
Seriously guys, what the fuck? I'm disappointed with all of you. I expected war, madness, massive cases of whiplash and tinnitus or at least a decent riot in my backyard when hell broke lose a while ago. I thought it was going to be big news but instead I get a serious absence of a certain musical piece... In the newspapers I don't see any headlines regarding mass awareness of a certain violent and chaotic variety. It was my understanding that everyone had heard about the bird Brutal Truth's latest album. So I took charge and dropped everything: University, social life, my health, my grandma… All in order to make sure everybody heard the massive words: End Time.

published 19.02.2012 | Comments (19)

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