Calvarium - The Skull Of Golgotha

Release date: 24 January 2003
Style: Black metal


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01. Three Nails And The Hammer Of Satan
02. Horns Of Hate
03. Jumalviha
04. Death Worship
05. Siunatun Surma
06. Morbid Hordes Revenge
07. Herrame On Saapuva
08. Dedication In Misanthropy
09. Suicide Manifesto

Staff review by
I don't understand why people still want to form a band of Black metal, I know is a very popular genre, but they're just repeating over and over again the same basic formulas, the same patterns, nobody has the decency of injecting a doze of originality in this, in my opinion, a dying genre.

Black Metal was the center of the media attention back in the 90's when the church burning, killings and suicides happened down in Norway (If you don't have the slightest idea of what I'm talking, read "Lord Of chaos" a must-read for all of you Blacksters out there). Anyway, after the rise of Norwegian Black Metal, a lot of bands of a lot of countries started spawning bands, and without going too far from the birthplace of the genre, Calvarium was born in Finland.

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