Destinity - In Excelsis Dementia

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Release date: April 2004
Style: Melodic death metal


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01. After The Grace Of Kaos Synopsis
02. Gloria In Excelsis Ecclesia
03. Divine Extase
04. Heffen Kemet
05. Sadistic Massacre
06. Black Upon The Throne
07. And Silence...
08. Pleasures Of Flesh
09. Forceps Of Hate

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Released through Adipocere records.

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"In Excelesis Dementia" is the 3rd and new album of a French Black Metal band, Destinity. After 1 year and their 2nd album "Under The Smell Of Chaos" , the band does its come back into the metal scene with some changes in their music.

If the last album of Destinity was some true Symphonic Black Metal music, this new one is a bit different. In fact, now the music is more Death and definitely less symphonic. The keyboards aren't so present and we have some Death riffs a la Morbid Angel. The music of Destinity is however really good, certainly in reason that the guys are really good musicians. The singers have a really good voice. No problem with the Death, Black or clean voices, it's always really good. Same with the guitars riffs that sound sometime Black but also Death with thundering drums.

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