Destinity - Biography




Formed in July 1996 near Lyon, the band Destinity was created under the influence of Mick (vocals), Zephiros (guitars) and Morteüs (keyboards, drums in early years). The band is surrounded by other musicians who left the band for lack of motivation or investment.

In 1998 Destinity recorded their first full-length CD independently, entitled "Wepts From The Sky". Released in October 1999, this album made it possible for the band to sign a contract with Deadsun Records/Imperium Agency, which benefits the band as they gain more significant promotions through France and Europe. Critiques of the album were positive and very encouraging; made more so from the fact the band members at the time were only in their late teens.

In May 2000, Destinity enter the Plaza records studio in St-Priest, France for just one week in order to record their sophomore album. New compositions were formed efficiently with a great sense of inspiration from the band members, which led to more melodic material.

In April 2001, "Supreme Domination's Art" was released by an independent label company called Psychic Scream in Malaysia. Destinity were once again given a strong promotion and received even more positive reviews from fans. The band partook in various compilations during this time, including Hammer Of Gones, and Metal Territory 3 among others. The band performed several gigs in France in October of 2001, alongside notable bands like Benighted, Anorexia Nervosa, Rotting Christ, and Impiety to name a few.

In 2002 the band signed with Adipocere Records, a French label, and entered the studio to record "Under The Smell Of Chaos". The band chose to record in Germany at the famous Kohlekeller studio during August of 2002 for three weeks. Destinity's sound became more aggressive and more mature than in the past. The album was released in the beginning of 2003. The band participated in an impressive number of interviews after the release, most notably with Metallian magazine.

Destinity also provided a sampler for Hard Rock magazine. Destinity supported the "Days Of Suffering Tour" for an entire week, which contained bands such as Enthroned and Agathodaimon; additionally Destinity opened for Cradle Of Filth and Immolation with The Transporters in Lyon before more than 1200 people. The band toured extensively through France and Belgium afterwords.

Near the end of 2003, Destinity made preparations for their next album, entitled "In Excelsis Dementia". The brutality of the band increased significantly with the release, as the influence of death metal was more present in their sound. Destinity re-signed with Adipocere Records before entering the studio in January of 2004 with Furia guitarist and sound engineer Mickaël Vallesi. The album was released in two different formats: the first, a green-print Digipak limited to 999 copies; the second, a traditional red-print jewel case CD.

After a busy giving interviews, touring and promoting their new album, Destinity began writing new material with Zephiros, who assumed the role of lead guitarist following the departure of Lord D.D. Nico (Anksunamon) also joined the band as the new rhythm guitarist in January 2005. Destinity began recording their material for their upcoming album in August and July of 2005 at the famous Hansen Studio in Denmark. "Synthetic Existence" was released in September 2005, upon which the band recruited David for bass duty.

Hrafnagud and Tyraël left in 2005 due to differences with the musical direction of the band, and Morteüs returned as the drummer. Following the album's release, the band went through their routine of interviewing regularly and performing several gigs across the country.

Destinity performed many shows for the first time in Germany in 2006 and finished their tour at the sides of Decapitated and No Return throughout France, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. In November of the same year, Destinity released their first DVD entitled "666% Extreme Thrashened Music" to celebrate their 10 year anniversary with Adipocere Records. Just a month later, Destinity separated with Nico, who was replaced a few weeks later by Ponce.

The musical channel MCM played back the clip of the song entitled "Evolution: Devilution" during the Ultra Metal segment. The band continued to perform a series of concerts before going to record a new album at the Jacob Hansen studio (Denmark) in August 2007. With more than 150 concerts and gigs under their belt, Destinity continued to create magic in the studio after ending their length contract with Adipocere Records. "The Inside", released in 2008 by Rupture Music; and "XI Reasons To See", released in 2010 by Lifeforce Records, proved to be some of the band's strongest material to date, taking on a new heavier direction.