Aina - The Metal Opera - Days Of Rising Doom

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Release date: 25 December 2003
Style: Progressive power metal


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Disc I
01. Aina Overture
02. Revelations
03. Silver Maiden
04. Flight Of Torek
05. Naschtok Is Born
06. The Beast Within
07. The Siege Of Aina
08. Talon's Last Hope
09. Rape Of Oria
10. Son Of Sorvahr
11. Serendipity
12. Lalae Amêr
13. Rebellion
14. Oriana's Wrath
15. Restoration

Disc II [limited edition]
01. The Story Of Aina [instrumental version]
02. The Beast Within [single version]
03. Ve Toúra Sol -Rape Of Oria- [ainae version]
04. Flight Of Torek [single version]
05. Silver Maiden [alternate version]
06. Talon's Last Hope [demo]
07. The Siege Of Aina [single version]
08. The Story Of Aina

Disc III [limited edition - DVD]
01. The Beast Within [video]
+ The Making Of Aina
+ The Story Of Aina
+ Slide Show
+ Artwork

Amanda Somerville - vocals
Michael "Miro" Rodenberg - keyboards, vocals
Sascha Paeth - guitars, organ, bass, backing vocals
Robert Hunecke-Rizzo - bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals

Additional musicians:
Sebastian Thomson - vocals
Damian Wilson - vocals
Michael Kiske - vocals
Tobias Sammet - vocals
Glenn Hughes - vocals
Thomas Rettke - vocals
Cinzia Hunecke Rizzo - vocals
Rannveig Sif Sigurdardottir - vocals
Olaf Hayer - vocals
Candice Night - vocals
Andre Matos - vocals
Sass Jordan - vocals
Marco Hietala - vocals
Simone Johanna Maria Simons - vocals
Herbie Langhans - vocals
Oliver Hartmann - vocals
Ann Shee - backing vocals

Olaf Reitmeier - acoustic guitars
Jens Johansson - keyboard solo
Derek Sherinian - keyboard solo
T.M. Stevens - bass
Axel Naschke - organ
Thomas Youngblood - guitar solo
Erik Norlander - keyboard solo
Erno "Emppu" Vuorinen - guitar solo
Andreas Pfaff - violin
Gregor Derek - violin
Thomas Glöckner - violin
Stefanie Priess - viola
David Schlage - viola
Lauri Angervo - cello
Jörn Kellermann - cello

Additional info
Producer: Sascha Paeth, Rober Hunecke-Rizzo
Mixing: Sascha Paeth, Miro, Robert Hunecke-Rizzo
Engineer: Sascha Paeth, Olaf Reitmeier, Miro, Robert Hunecke-Rizzo
Mastering: Peter van't Riet

2-CD Digibook, the limited edition also includes a DVD called "Beyond The Borders"with some extra material.

Disc 1 : Days of Rising Doom
Disc 2 : The Story of Aina

The Japanese version has an extra bonus track on disc 2:
09. Oriana's Wrath (Alternative version) (06:11)
This version has mainly female vocals instead of male vocals.

Staff review by
Dream Taster
Tobias Sammet's Avantasia project proved two things. Number one, a metal opera could be done and very well done, number two it apparently sells well. Since then, metal operas have flourished throughout Europe like mushrooms. Even Arjen Lucassen's projects came back into fashion, especially Ayreon. On this not so positive note in terms of money matter, the famous German guitar player-producer-visionary Sascha Paeth decided to try. Actually, he was mandated by the label boss of Transmission Records and, well, knowing lots of musicians, Sascha was an obvious pick! The result? In fact, if I started by underlining my suspicions concerning the genuine approach to the making of this record, that's because it's probably the only "major" flaw I can pinpoint.

published 08.06.2004 | Comments (4)

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16.07.2012 - 12:43
Rating: 9
M C Vice
Positives: Glenn Hughes, more coherent story than The Metal Opera (Avantasia), Michael Kiske, 60+ mins, Sass Jordan sounds like Kimberly Goss, no one singer dominates the show, Glenn Hughes.
Negatives: The Beast Within, Marco Heitala is under used, the made-up language is over used.
Miscelanious: It's the only thin I've heard on which Andre Matos doesn't sound like a castrati.
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29.06.2016 - 20:14
Rating: 5
Naschtok Is Born is such a awesome song (very powerful and slick tune) sadly most of the other stuff doesn't reach that level (except for Talon's Last Hope and Rebellion in which Glenn Hughes totally rocks!). Overall most of the stuff here is average power metal and even though the guest list is impressive I think the album would have been better with just one singer. It gets a bit excessive with a new singer in nearly all songs.

The best thing about this album is the almost Heavens Gate reunion happening.. Rettke, Paeth and Robert Hunecke-Rizzo together again.
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22.08.2017 - 18:27
Darkside Momo
Revisited that one the other day. Boring stuff, apart of a few songs here and there.
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