Fallujah - The Harvest Wombs

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Release date: 22 November 2011
Style: Progressive death metal, Technical deathcore


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01. Alpha Incipient
02. Ritual Of Godflesh
03. Become One
04. Cerebral Hybridization
05. Prison Of The Mind
06. The Flame Surreal
07. Enslaved Eternal Phenomenon
08. Hallucination
09. The Harvest Wombs
10. Assemblage Of Wolves

Alex Hofmann - vocals
Rob Maramonte - guitars
Scott Carstairs - guitars
Andrew Baird - drums
Rob Morey - bass

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22.11.2011 - 10:58
Rating: 7
"The Quaker"
Too bad the generic deathcore things have remained besides the technical death stuff. 8, maybe 9... I was expecting more.

EDiT: Definitely 9.
24.11.2011 - 01:12
A staff guy...
Written by qlacs on 22.11.2011 at 10:58

generic deathcore things have remained

Are we listening to the same album cuz I'm not hearing any deathcore moments at all?! I've listened to this album a few times already and I'm hearing nothing but prog/tech death goodness.
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24.11.2011 - 02:15
Troy Killjoy
I've heard of this album on a few different sites now. Guess I should check it out, although I have been wary of their deathcore background.
Prettier than BloodTears.
05.12.2011 - 23:11
Rating: 9
Wow, this album is great. Not really deathcore, but more in the same style as Ouroboros and Vale of Pnath, but way better. The instrumental songs are my favorite
13.12.2011 - 17:09
Rating: 6
Thrash riffs, tech/death show-offery, atmospheric black passages... Damn there's a lot of stuff in there. I don't know what to make of it yet.
14.12.2011 - 23:18
Rating: 6
Well, after a few listens this does not work for me.

The musicianship is indeed very good but the songwriting feels overly simple. The atmospheric bits are put side by side with the death metal parts like they actually come from different songs. The solos and the melodic are great but again they're is close to no build up towards them.

I guess that's how it sounds to me:

Atmo black ... pause ... death ... pause ... melodic tech/death ... pause ... rinse and repeat

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of good ideas in there but I don't think they have matured yet.

I really look forward to a next album though.
20.12.2011 - 22:01
Fils du Lys

Which band has copied the other one's cover?
Notre destinée n'est pas encore tracée....
20.12.2011 - 22:04
To be honest, these "cryptic astrological Freemason mysticism Dan Brown oh look an ambigram" covers get repetitive, so it's not necessarily a rip-off.
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31.12.2016 - 02:09
Rating: 9
Album is caving my skull in. Also nice to see them venture away from this sound later on. Killer band

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