Beecher - This Elegy His Autopsy

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Release date: 12 July 2005
Style: Metalcore


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01. Its Good Weather For Black Leather
02. Function! Function!
03. The Womanizer And The Alcoholic
04. Knight The Arsonist
05. Not Guilty
06. ...And On The Day That He Became A Human Plumb-Line
07. Psycho Galvanic Skin Response
08. Man The Traps
09. Brown Eyes
10. The Biting Cold
11. I Won't Miss, Or Be Bissed
12. Happiness
13. Reach Up To The Gods

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This is the second full length of this Metalcore band, what do we have here? A different band maybe, more mature in the execution section and even better in the songwriting segment; again, bands like Beecher are hard to digest due to the nature of the genre they play; Metalcore, since it became a trendy genre, is now hated by most metal-heads around the globe, so when a good band appears no one stops for a minute to open their minds and think things through. Sadly Beecher was one of those bands and now they decided to split-up for no particular reasons.

published 12.02.2006 | Comments (0)

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