Release date: 31 October 2000
Style: Death metal, Progressive death metal


8.8 | 140 votes


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01. Land Where Sympathy Is Air
02. To Become Shelter And Salvation
03. Bringer Of Elvenefris Flame
04. Flowering Entities
05. To Give
06. On The Way Home
07. Shine Of Consolation
08. Sadness And Strength
09. A Step Closer
10. An Old Man And A Child
11. Walking In The Garden Of Ma'at
12. To Give [2002 version][2011 re-release bonus]
13. Shine Of Consolation [1999 version][2011 re-release bonus]

Lyrics (11)

Petr "Ptoe" Tománek - voclas, guitar
Ondra Martinek - guitar
Martin Corn - bass
Thomas Corn - drums

Additional info
Re-released on October 31, 2011 by Obscene Productions with 2 CDs. The first disc contains the original album, while the second disc features remastered versions of all the songs on the original album. On the remastered disc, the length of "Sadness and Strength" is increased to 8:31, and the disc also contains two bonus tracks.

Staff review by

Classic Monster of Obscene Productions! Highly Recommended

So, I was looking for bizarre/Technical bands on the Internet, some guy told me to go for !T.O.O.H! and Lykathea Aflame, I actually don't recall his name, but thanks to that fellow I found 2 of the most talented bands in the metal scene, I reviewed the first name a couple of months ago, now, after a lot of people asked for this, it's time for me to Review "Elvenefris".

published 22.10.2005 | Comments (16)

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Got Mayhem? - 18.04.2010 at 05:22  
Rating: 10 Proof that there is magnificent and absolutely jawdropping music still hidden underground. Essential listen and a one of a kind album.
Baz Anderson - 18.04.2010 at 14:13  
  Yep, quite right. A hidden gem of an album.
Lucas - 18.04.2010 at 17:44  
Rating: 9 Brilliant stuff here. Definitely recommended.
BurbotsRevenge - 22.04.2010 at 06:23  
Rating: 10 Absolutely brilliant album, there are technical, brutal and even beautiful parts to this album, has everything you could possibly want
@gent_-_orange - 19.07.2010 at 01:44  
Rating: 8 Quite amazing to say the least .. very underrated.
qlacs - 30.07.2010 at 10:30  
Rating: 10 The vocals and the very brutal parts makes me go away sometimes, but indeed an unusual album. wondering why it's not on the top 20 list here in MS.
Veljko? - 12.01.2011 at 20:59  
Rating: 10 Fantastic!
3rdWorldFuckface - 07.03.2011 at 08:26  
  Bands like these are very hard to come by.Sadly it seems that they aren't active anymore.
Cryzpin - 17.05.2011 at 14:20  
Rating: 10
Written by @gent_-_orange on 19.07.2010 at 01:44

Quite amazing to say the least .. very underrated.

Heh, underrated? I dont know about any other album with more than 50 votes having 9.3 (!) rating. And for a reason of course, this is the jewel of death metal.
@gent_-_orange - 17.05.2011 at 23:34  
Rating: 8
Written by Cryzpin on 17.05.2011 at 14:20

Written by @gent_-_orange on 19.07.2010 at 01:44

Quite amazing to say the least .. very underrated.

Heh, underrated? I dont know about any other album with more than 50 votes having 9.3 (!) rating. And for a reason of course, this is the jewel of death metal.

Within Death metal I would say it is underrated E.G This album is amazing (to me at least) but it doesn't REALLY get that much credit compared to a lot of other releases in the genre, I mean I only stumbled onto this album by chance when looking into some obscure death metal releases. Most who know this album Praise it highly but a lot of people don't know about it
Kass - 01.07.2011 at 02:56  
Rating: 9
Written by @gent_-_orange on 19.07.2010 at 01:44

very underrated.

That's too bad, i fully agree with you, very underrated album, but one of the best albums i ever heard.
Pyramid God - 29.07.2011 at 04:40  
Rating: 9 I remember when I was younger and early in my metal-dom I got this album and didn't like it much. The years have aged it like a fine cheese or wine and I can finally respect this excellent release.
JÄY - 19.11.2011 at 03:52  
Rating: 10 Holy fuck...never heard anything like it.
Troy Killjoy - 19.11.2011 at 04:07  
Written by JÄY on 19.11.2011 at 03:52
Holy fuck...never heard anything like it.

Indeed, it's quite the stand-alone album. Amazing stuff.
Qube - 07.12.2011 at 21:34  
Rating: 10 Obscene Productions has recently released a remaster with two bonus tracks. I wonder what it sounds like.
Baz Anderson - 20.01.2012 at 19:50  
  A newer version of "To Give"...

Quite a lot different... definitely prefer the version on this album.
AtrumHiberna - 20.02.2012 at 22:31  
  I was impressed a few years ago by the incredibly high ratings of this album, not just here, but everywhere, so I listened to it to see by myself why, and I honestly got really bored half way. I never liked them. maybe because the progressive element doesn't really gets my attention
MechanisT - 30.06.2012 at 00:15  
Gaylord Fagballs - 21.01.2013 at 11:04  
  One of the best, most original albums of all time
Aristarchos - 28.02.2013 at 19:05  
Rating: 9 Never been a huge fan of this kind of technical death metal, but this album is really brilliant.
Paw!! - 31.03.2014 at 06:59  
Rating: 10 Unbelievable!!
is this album so perfect? of course my favorite progressive metal album of all time!! hail lykathe
All songs are best for me. especially:"To Give","Flowering Entities","A Step Closer","Bringer Of Elvenefris Flame"
LeKiwi - 15.06.2014 at 22:20  
Rating: 9
moonflash - 02.10.2014 at 03:42  
Rating: 10 Upgraded to a perfect rating. It fucks my mind how good this album is everytime I listen to it. Just beyond words.

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