Misery Index - Misery Index/Commit Suicide [EP]

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Release date: 2002
Style: Deathgrind


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Misery Index
01. My Untold Apocalypse
02. Alive?
03. Reality Distortion [Disrupt cover]

Commit Suicide
04. In All This Revelation
05. With Not Distaste
06. Open Casket [Death cover]

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Split CD.

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Most of you, I'm sure, know about Misery Index; this band is a raw example of what Grindcore used to sound in the "punky" days, a really good band if you dig the genre for sure. This is the first time I hear Commit Suicide and this is one of those feelings when you say "fuck why didn't I hear this band earlier?"; this band grabs most of Grindcore's most hostile and chaotic elements and blends them with Death Metal riffing, that sounds cool right? Not the most original thing ever but believe me, these guys made it sound really good…now wouldn't you love to hear both bands in one album? Ok, maybe not, but damn I know you'll change your mind once you hear this split.

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