Kawir - Ισόθεος

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Release date: 11 October 2012
Style: Pagan black metal


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01. Δαίμων [CD bonus]
02. Ύμνος στους ανέμους
03. Εις Δήμητρα
04. Ύμνος στον Απόλλων
05. Χαίρε Βάκχε
06. Άδης
07. Ισόθεος
08. Πανσπερμία

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Being as it is that a large majority of black metal bands are Scandinavian, whenever you find a black metal band that chooses a particular ancient culture to write about, chances are good that said culture is going to be Scandinavian. Ya know, "Hail Odin, may I be taken to Asgard and dwell forever in Valhalla after my death" kinda stuff. It's cool, but can get a bit cliche real quick. So, wanting something a little different, I recently began looking for black metal bands that take the same approach to their Pagan celebrations, yet with a different culture. One such band I've discovered this year are Greece's Kawir, who write primarily about (was it difficult to guess?) Greek mythology. Now this isn't some kinda cheesy, Manowar-esque mythology worship: a band writing about war gods and battles simply because it goes hand in hand with their masculine image. No, with Kawir, as is hinted immediately by Isotheos's cover, it's all about the aesthetics. Led by Thertonax (aka Mentor), Kawir is proud of its Greek heritage and not afraid to show you, and by the album's end, the band's ascent to Mount Olympus has indeed been reached.

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26.01.2013 - 22:45
There are so many great albums .....
The quality was very good ......
Anyone who is a fan of Black music "Listening to this album is brought to the music .
10.02.2015 - 21:32
Rating: 9
True diamond
01.07.2015 - 16:13
Rating: 10
09.08.2016 - 15:01
Rating: 8
A great release. They compose unique and characteristic melodies and the different instruments they use is the actual reason for creating this special sense.
Not sure if they are representing something more than a mere pagan approach to music, because here in Greece we've heard a lot about a supposing extreme ideology, but I hope they have nothing to do with it and they are only focused in their music.

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