Civil War - The Killer Angels

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Release date: 11 June 2013
Style: Heavy metal, Power metal


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01. King Of The Sun
02. First To Fight
03. Saint Patrick's Day
04. Rome Is Falling
05. Sons Of Avalon
06. I Will Rule The Universe
07. Lucifer's Court
08. Brother Judas
09. My Own Worst Enemy
10. Gettysburg
11. March Across The Belts

Nils Patrik Johansson - vocals
Daniel Mÿhr - keyboards
Rikard Sundén - guitars
Oskar Montelius - guitars
Daniel Mullback - drums
Stefan Eriksson - bass

Staff review by
R Lewis
Aaah, finally a new Sabaton release. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it so soon, just an year after their sixth effort, Carolus Rex. And, by the way, I'd suggest Joakim to take a little break, his voice is unrecognizable, seems like he's singing while someone is squeezing his balls. But the other band trademarks are all here; it's clearly Sabaton.

published 12.06.2013 | Comments (7)

Guest review by
It should come as no surprise that Civil War's sound is fundamentally that of Sabaton. Though Joakim Brodén has always been the primary songwriter for Sabaton, ex-members Rikard Sundén, Oskar Montelius, Daniel Mÿhr, and Daniel Mullback modeled their first attempt on what they had been used to playing for 13 years. My impression of The Killer Angels progressed the more I listened to it. At first, I was disappointed to hear what was basically an uninspired Sabaton copycat with someone other than Joakim singing, which totally threw me off. Yet the more I listened, the more I grew to appreciate Nils Patrik Johansson's voice and see the personality in these songs.

published 18.08.2013 | Comments (0)

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11.06.2013 - 00:26
Rating: 9
Superb Power it.
11.06.2013 - 01:09
Rating: 10
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
This is PM what I like, sometikes I see new energy no vocals, but Sabbaton type of lyrics, actualy thius might be best PM album of tear and one of ebst debutes in PM genre
realy awesome , I dislike PM generaly its cheasy, but if I like it, its good

EDDIT: actualky it was 1th time in like 4 years when I voted here
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
11.06.2013 - 19:29
Rating: 9
Pretty great album. All the songs are pretty well put together.
Fear the Old Blood
09.01.2014 - 01:07
I really like this. I wonder if the new Sabaton album will be better than this. For some reason, I have my doubts. This was afterall a really solid album.
I sold my soul to any fool who'd buy it!
What's it gonna take to make you riot!?
16.01.2014 - 23:27
Rating: 10
For me this is the album of the 2013!!! Just listen!!!
16.06.2020 - 18:57
Rating: 8
Some really amazing songs here; Rome is falling, I will rule the Universe, and Saint's Patrick day... I love the simple history lesson in each song as well. The vocals are really great, like an angry history teacher really putting his heart on every song.

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