Fleshgod Apocalypse - Labyrinth

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Release date: 16 August 2013
Style: Symphonic death metal


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01. Kingborn
02. Minotaur (The Wrath Of Poseidon)
03. Elegy
04. Towards The Sun
05. Warpledge
06. Pathfinder
07. The Fall Of Asterion
08. Prologue
09. Epilogue
10. Under Black Sails
11. Labyrinth

Francesco Ferrini - piano
Cristiano Trionfera - guitars, vocals
Tommaso Riccardi - guitars, vocals
Francesco Paoli - drums, guitars, vocals
Paolo Rossi - bass, vocals

Session musicians
Veronica Bordacchini - vocals

Additional info
Produced, mixed and mastered by Stefano "Saul" Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio.
Artwork by Colin Marks.

Release dates
- August 16th (Europe)
- August 20th (North America)

Staff review by
Imagine you're and old and deaf man. You once listened to music a lot, even composed it sometimes. On a hot summer night your dreams become weirder than ever, full of new unseen fantasies but cruel nevertheless. Was it a nightmare or a vision? And most of all... what is this shit all about? Well, mainly my thoughts on the new Fleshgod Apocalypse album seen from Beethoven's point of view, 200 years ago. Labyrinth indeed is not easily divided into its brutal and symphonic parts, it all makes it up to the one thing it has become. And that is already the first fact making it a better album than their previous record, Agony. The whole concept grew and the individual parts fit better together.

published 05.08.2013 | Comments (18)

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29.08.2013 - 21:22
Rating: 8
Maaan... Whoa! I pressed "pause" right when the album started. I was not ready so I put my ass on a chair and then I pressed "play"

This album will grow on me for sure, but for now, I'm oscillating between 8 or 9, so I give it 9. Excellent album, my first from Fleshgod Apocalypse but I will listen others for sure.

02.09.2013 - 13:49
Rating: 8
Need more wall of sound effect. Loving this.
08.09.2013 - 15:16
Doge of Venice
I wish I could get into the vocals. Because Minotaur is immense. Dat intro.
09.09.2013 - 01:25
Rating: 6
Would give this a higher score if not for the overproduction, it totally ruined it. Too bad because it sounds very original.
10.09.2013 - 10:06
Rating: 8
M C Vice
3 songs in and I like Agony more. This just isn't the same.
I don't suppose the orchestra listed in the booklet is real? Be pretty awesome if it was.
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14.09.2013 - 00:01
Rating: 5
Written by dougver1 on 22.08.2013 at 08:32

So, has anyone else taken a look at the credits for the orchestra in the album booklet? It's pretty goddamn ridiculous, actually... it actually credits Rob Halford as part of the choir and Steve Harris on the double bass, as an example. (there's a LOT more than just that, believe me)

They also made a trailer with fake media comments which was pretty funny.
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15.09.2013 - 14:35
Rating: 8
I don't really know what it is that makes this different from Agony, but that album was a letdown for me, while this is a pleasant surprise. And that comes from someone who wanted another Oracles
26.09.2013 - 01:40
Rating: 9
Love it! I want to say that they are taking the road to Symphonic Metal more then the Death Metal road. Great release nonetheless
01.10.2013 - 22:32
Rating: 8
Was struggling with it at the beginning but now after 2 weeks of regular listening I just love it. 10/10 wthout a doubt.
04.10.2013 - 10:30
Rating: 9
Of Rivia
25.10.2013 - 18:17
Love this album. Every time a song from here plays, I smile. And every time "Minotaur" plays, I O.
04.11.2013 - 06:25
Somehow the longer songs on this album fails to impress me, where as the shorter ones from 02 to track 07, Is where they've really outdone themselves. Those tracks flows perfectly into each other. Great story telling, especially "Elegy" which have some of the albums finest lyrics imo. They are still struggling to manage the chaos into something cohesive, though they have their own "sound" now and should stick to it. I guess these guys will always be on the hunt for the perfect collaboration between orchestra and technical death metal. They're really close now... but still

not yet!
01.01.2014 - 19:26
Account deleted
One of the best album of the year
24.01.2014 - 03:47
Rating: 9
At first it all seemed too chaotic but after a while I started understanding the parts better. Now I can more clearly see the parts and the whole - and it's a fantastic view! This is my first FA ablbum, I didn't know these guys were so progressive in their writing. From start to end the whole thing flows well and each song is meant to be played with the others. I enjoy the songs' transitions. Also, I personally think Labyrinth is very hauntingly beautiful - right up there with Bethoven's Moonlight Sonota.

Btw, does anyone know what the intro is supposed to be? The water, the guy walking, panting, the door (shed?) opening..?
20.03.2014 - 22:35
I won't rate this one as i didn't give this the listens i use to. It seems like an unispiring album. This band started decently (oracles), then did something awesome (Mafia) and after that they changed their style to something really not that great (just a bit impressive for the masses)....
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10.02.2015 - 18:55
Rating: 7
Certainly the most dramatic album of FA's career yet, and some songs really amazed me, more so than on previous albums. However, I think a few of the classical/operatic influences here seem forced and as a result grind against the rhythm section, as opposed to flowing along with it. As a result I found some songs underwhelming, particularly "The Fall of Asterion". However, making up for it I thought was the excellent triumvirate of "Prologue", "Epilogue" and "Under Black Sails", as well as my personal favourite from this album, "Elegy". All in all, not quite the band's best work (Their debut album holds that status for me), but certainly a keeper.
30.04.2015 - 16:33
Rating: 8
Stamp Tramp
I am enjoying The Agony a bit more than this one. Not a fan of some of the vocal elements they added and the album seems to wear thin faster. Maybe it's just me.
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29.06.2017 - 15:50
Rating: 10
Goosebumps are inevitable with this group... wow.

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