Nightwish - Showtime, Storytime [DVD]

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Release date: 27 November 2013
Style: Symphonic power metal, Symphonic metal


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Disc I [DVD/Blu-ray]
01. Dark Chest Of Wonders
02. Wish I Had An Angel
03. She Is My Sin
04. Ghost River
05. Ever Dream
06. Storytime
07. I Want My Tears Back
08. Nemo
09. Last Of The Wilds
10. Bless The Child
11. Romanticide
12. Amaranth
13. Ghost Love Score
14. Song Of Myself
15. Last Ride Of The Day
16. Outro (Imaginaerum)

Disc II [DVD/Blu-ray] 'Please Learn The Setlist In 48 Hours' [tour documentary]

Disc III [CD]

Disc IV [CD]

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- 2Blu-ray + 2CD
- 2DVD + 2CD
- Nuclear Blast mailorder edition
- 2DVD

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17.09.2013 - 07:45
Sadly they didn't play The Poet and the Pendulum with Floor (I would love to hear this one with her). Anyway, nice setlist.
31.10.2013 - 19:31
Rating: 10
Aww, no Scaretale.
18.11.2013 - 03:48
Written by mikeprado30 on 17.09.2013 at 07:45

Sadly they didn't play The Poet and the Pendulum with Floor (I would love to hear this one with her). Anyway, nice setlist.

Written by Ethan1994 on 31.10.2013 at 19:31

Aww, no Scaretale.

Would have loved to hear both Poet and the Pendulum and Scaretale sung by Floor but as I understand it, Nightwish chose this setlist because Floor already knew a lot of the Nightwish backlog.
19.11.2013 - 03:29
Words cannot describe my excitement for this. I had lost interest in Nightwish but it all returned when I heard Floor's now on vocals. The trailers for this are just awesome. Can't wait!
03.12.2013 - 05:41
Rating: 8
Free as a.. Fish
Since the documentary was intended to be the main part of this release, with the concert added almost as an afterthought at the record company's insistence, this feels like something of a missed opportunity. The band was so excited about the stage show and the production at the start of the tour and the intention was clearly to showcase more of it. We do get live stuff throughout but Anette's absence (since she didn't want to be seen or heard in the documentary, and got edited out) makes the whole thing almost comical. And of course, it would have been very interesting to hear her thoughts on what happened and why things turned sour, seeing as how there didn't seem to be any problems at the start of the tour. Anette giving her side of the story, thus making the boys do the same and go into detail would have provided some much needed drama and tension. Now the tone is more "Shit happened, but we persevered and we're still here. Thanks to Floor, who is amazing."

The concert with the flying Dutchwoman herself is a good, solid show with a couple of spine-tingling moments, but it does feel a tad short. It's a fine release overall but it could have been something more.
14.12.2013 - 11:24
Rating: 10
The Shape 1973

I cried.
So many chips on the world's shoulder. Low on ketchup.
28.01.2014 - 20:48
Rating: 10
I could watch this every day!
Floor sings beautifully, powerfully AND most important, she sings every song in her own stile!
She doesn't imitate, she is just her awesome self!
Like the growls she throws in here and there...magnificent!
03.03.2014 - 01:39
Rating: 8
Mehdi Taba
Mehdi Taba
So far from Tarja's skill and voice !!!
And this set-list for this DVD is not perfect, 'cause they just choose bombastic songs !!!!
16.11.2014 - 02:42
Rating: 10
This has captured the energy of the concert, the band is at it's best, Floor has a brilliant voice that compliments each and every song on the DVD/CD.

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