Skull Fist - Chasing The Dream

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Release date: 10 January 2014
Style: Heavy metal, Speed metal


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01. Hour To Live
02. Bad For Good
03. Chasing The Dream
04. Call Of The Wild
05. Sign Of The Warrior
06. You're Gonna Pay
07. Don't Stop The Fight
08. Shred's Not Dead
09. Mean Street Rider
10. False Metal [demo] [Japanese bonus]
11. Ride The Beast [demo]

Zach Schottler - vocals, guitars
Jonny Nesta - guitars
Casey Slade - bass

Session musicians
Chris Stephenson - drums

Additional info
Recorded by Dan Tsourounis.
Engineered by Ryan Jones and Hiren Mistry.
Mastered by Harry Hess.
Mixed by Eric Ratz.
Cover art by Philip Bernard.

Staff review by
Gee whiz, I thought speed metal was dead - subsumed by thrash on the darker side and power metal on the more glorious side. Evidently, Skull Fist are doing their absolute darndest to prove me wrong.

published 15.02.2014 | Comments (8)

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01.01.2014 - 14:56
I've heard the first three tracks on this album, and so I have to say that this sounds really good. I'm a sucker for those vocals, and the production on this album is pretty damn fantastic. I liked Head of The Pack a lot, but this might be even better than that one. Let's see how this one ages.
I sold my soul to any fool who'd buy it!
What's it gonna take to make you riot!?
02.01.2014 - 00:17
Rating: 10
Good album:necro: :gunner::banger:
05.01.2014 - 21:16
Rating: 9
07.01.2014 - 02:37
There are some weird effects on the vocals from what I've heard of the album so far. It's an odd choice, and not really one I like. However, it's still a pretty good album.
28.01.2014 - 12:49
Account deleted
A very enjoyable catchy album, this band is tight and their playing is top-notch
20.02.2014 - 08:59
Rating: 6
Written by deadone on 20.02.2014 at 06:40

This is let down by terrible vocals.

Vocalist is too gutless and irritating.

Shame as the actual music is pretty good.

Totally agreed with all points.
World won't end today - it's already tomorrow in Australia.
21.02.2014 - 04:17
Metal slave
Wish there were more speedies and less rockies
12.03.2014 - 15:03
Band has obviously been listening to a lot of 80s metal for inspiration, and there's a lot of proof in each of this album's nine songs. Nothing wrong with that though because instrumentation is very solid and catchy all the way through. The vocalist for me brings the quality down a notch or two, but I think you can get past that by considering how well done the solos are in songs such as the title track and "Sign of the warrior".
15.12.2014 - 21:46
Rating: 8
Really excited to see these guys live next year, from what I've seen they are a really awesome live band with a countless epic gigs all over the world. They play with an unmatching energy that seems to be feeding directly from the 80's and, if you ask me, that really can be felt on this record. Every song is really good and there are no dull moments whatsoever throughout this. It's quality Metal and a good lesson for all the young bands
12.02.2015 - 14:43
Joe Zombie
Pretty great stuff. Plenty of rockin' tunes and I'm liking the vocals a lot even if they do sound "synthetic." This is some straightforward speed metal fury, and there's nothing wrong with that.
11.03.2016 - 00:20
Rating: 6
Jope of Steele
In some ways this is a good album, maybe even better than the 1st LP when it comes to overall quality of songs. But for me it's really hard to find some really strong tracks from this album, except for "Sign of the Warrior" which is an older song from their 2010 EP.

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