A Forest Of Stars - Beware The Sword You Cannot See

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Release date: 27 February 2015
Style: Atmospheric black metal


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Disc I
01. Drawing Down The Rain
02. Hive Mindless
03. A Blaze Of Hammers
04. Virtus Sola Invicta
05. Proboscis Master Versus The Powdered Seraphs
06. Pawn On The Universal Chessboard, Part I: Mindslide
07. Pawn On The Universal Chessboard, Part II: Have You Got A Light, Boy?
08. Pawn On The Universal Chessboard, Part III: Perdurabo
09. Pawn On The Universal Chessboard, Part IV: An Automaton Adrift
10. Pawn On The Universal Chessboard, Part V: Lowly Worm
11. Pawn On The Universal Chessboard, Part VI: Let There Be No Light

Disc II ["Valley Of Desolation" EP - Special Boxset Only]
01. Gestation
02. Catafalque Caravan Quandary
03. Plastic Patriarch Lynch Squad (Enduring December)

Dan Eyre - vocals
Richard "Rick" Blakelock - synthesizers, percussion, piano
Jon B. Cumiskey - guitars, cello, backing vocals
Duncan Evans - guitars
Katie Stone - flutes, violins, vocals
John Bishop - drums
Mr. Titus Lungbutter - bass

Additional info
Produced by Duncan Evans (Henry Hyde Bronsdon).

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You know those people, somewhat pessimistic types, who say of music that "nothing is original anymore," and "everything's been done"? Well, they clearly haven't heard A Forest Of Stars yet, now have they?

published 11.03.2015 | Comments (33)

The gentlemen's club of A Forest Of Stars came again from the 1890's to bring us their fourth album of their unique take on atmospheric black metal.

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Unless you prefer videos, then ckeck this and this!

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A Forest Of Stars without boat sex is not A Forest Of Stars.
And the tears that we will weep today
Will all be washed away
By the tears that we will weep again tomorrow
07.12.2015 - 00:08
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Written by Dima on 06.12.2015 at 03:20

Dem boat sex vocals

it was probably some staffer who edited it and made it look so weird
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