Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destiny

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Release date: 23 March 1976
Style: Heavy metal, Hard rock


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01. Victim Of Changes
02. The Ripper
03. Dreamer Deceiver
04. Deceiver
05. Prelude
06. Tyrant
07. Genocide
08. Epitaph
09. Island Of Domination

Top 20 albums of 1976: 4
Top 200 albums of all time: 177

Robert John Arthur "Rob" Halford - vocals
Kenneth "K.K." Downing - guitar
Glenn Raymond Tipton - guitar, piano
Alan "Skip" Moore - drums
Ian Frank Hill - bass

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Produced by Jeffrey Calvert, Max West and Judas Priest.

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Few times in the history of heavy metal has the entire genre's future depended so much upon the release of a single album. Black Sabbath did it with their 1970 debut, Metallica with Kill Em All, Death with Scream Bloody Gore... and a small handful of others. One of those others happened to be Judas Priest, with 1976's now-legendary Sad Wings Of Destiny. Though the band certainly couldn't have imagined it at the time, this release would in turn spearhead the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, which would subsequently influence many American metal fans, leading ultimately to the beginnings of thrash metal and the other soon-to-come extreme metal sub-genres, fundamentally altering heavy metal forever, into the current form that we all know and love today.

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What an album!

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