Wall Of Sleep

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Country: Hungary
Label: Nail Records

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Formed in: 2001

2002- Doom metal
2002- Stoner metal


2001-  Sándor Füleki - guitars
2001-  Szabolcs "Szása" Szolcsányi - drums
2004-  Barnabás Preidl - bass
2005-  Balázs Kemencei - guitars
2009-  Cselényi Csaba - vocals
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2001-2004  Marek Ferenc - bass
2001-2005  András Greff - guitars
2001-2009  Gábor Holdampf - vocals
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Hungary and metal are somehow two words that do not add up in my vocabulary. Okay, of course there's Atilla Csihar of Mayhem infamy, for the old people amongst us the name Pokolgép will ring a bell, more recently the band Sear Bliss have making...   Review by Marcel Hubregtse ››
I've got to hear more of this…

So, I was wondering, why I don't listen more Stoner/Traditional Doom Metal? While I'm not so fan of older stuff in Metal, I enjoy the groovy riffs of Stoner Metal once in a while, so I decided to pick this...   Review by Undercraft ››


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