Via Mistica

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Country: Poland

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Formed in: 1998

1998- Gothic doom metal


1998-  Katarzyna Polak-Koz³owska - vocals, cello
1998-  Marcin Sidz - guitars
2003-  Jarek Ryszkiewicz - keyboards
2003-  Jarek Jefimiuk - bass
2003-  Marek Przybyłowski - guitars
2003-  Adam Radziszewski - drums
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1998-2000  Sebastian Kowalski - drums
1998-2000  Jacek "Johny" Bartnicki - guitars
1998-2002  Tomasz Halicki - bass
2000-2002  Łukasz Sarnacki - drums
2000-2002  Grzesiek - keyboards
2003  Iwan (I) - bass
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"Under My Eyelids" is already the third album of the Gothic combo from Poland, Via Mistica. Between Doom and Gothic with a really nice female vocalist and a lot of acoustic instruments like cello, this band plays a beautiful dark music. Even...   Review by Jeff ››


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