Terminally Your Aborted Ghost

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Country: USA
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Formed in: 2001
Disbanded in: 2008

2001-2008 Brutal death metal
2001-2008 Grindcore


NA-2008  Eliot Bayless - bass
NA-2008  Mike Butkiewicz - drums
2005-2008  Mark Richards - guitars
2005-2008  Devon Wedge - vocals
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2001-2002  Anthony - drums
2001-2002  Niccolai Twombly - bass
2001-2004  Ryan Frazier - vocals
2002  Peter Barquet - guitars
2003  Devon Hunt - drums
2003  Pat Herlihy - guitars
2005  Nick Lang - drums
2005  Adam Spalding - bass
2005  Matt Rowe - guitars
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EP's are fun to hear but not to review, most times the mini CD is way to short for us (the reviewers) to come up with something really gifted to say. Not this time, Terminally Your Aborted Ghost broke my jaw in eight sections and told me to shut...   Review by Herzebeth ››


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