Carach Angren


2003-  Seregor - guitars, vocals
2003-  Ardek - keyboards, orchestration, backing vocals
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2003-2020  Namtar - drums, percussion
2012  Nikos Mavridis - violin, backing vocals
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2010  Patrick Damiani - bass, guitars, backing vocals
› 2017  -//- guitars, bass
2010  Nikos Mavridis - violins
› 2017  -//- violin
2003-2010  Trystys - guitars
2010-  Valak - guitars
2013-  Nikos Mavridis - violin
2016-  Jack Owen - guitars
2020-  Michiel van der Plicht - drums
2012  Philip Breuer - voice

Latest reviews

Two years after the quite good Lammendam, Carach Angren come back to haunt us with their second album.
Haunt? Yes, as once again this album is a ghost story. This time, the Netherlanders tell us all about their most famous dead countryman: The Flying...   Review by Darkside Momo ››
Let's start with the usual 'they sound like this and this and this band' game, to be done with it quickly.

Carach Angren play symphonic black metal, with quite a lot classical elements and orchestrations, which can sometimes be reminiscent...   Review by Darkside Momo ››

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