Cult Of Luna

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Country: Sweden
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 1998

2000- Post-metal
2000- Sludge metal


1998-  Johannes Persson - guitars, vocals
1998-  Magnus Lindberg - drums
2002-  Andreas Johansson - bass
2003-  Thomas Hedlund (I) - drums, percussion
2004-  Fredrik Kihlberg - guitars, vocals
2015-  Kristian Karlsson - keyboards, samples
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1998  Fredrik Renstrom - bass
1998-2012  Klas Rydberg - vocals
1998-2014  Erik Olofsson - guitars
1999-2002  Axel Stattin - bass
1999-2003  Marco Hilden - drums
2003-2013  Anders Teglund - keyboards, samples
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2016-  David Johansson - guitars
2013-  Christian Augustin (I) - drums
2013  David Johansson - bass
› 2016-  -//- guitars
2013  Jonas Nordström - keyboards
2013-2015  Kristian Karlsson - keyboards, samples
2014  Klas Rydberg - vocals
2015  Erik Olofsson - guitars

Latest reviews

With the demise of Isis at the end of the noughties, Cult Of Luna have arguably been the dominant force in post-metal this decade, having already dropped two monumental efforts. Vertikal and Mariner have set a high standard to live up to; thankfully, A Dawn To Fear has no issues matching up to its predecessors.   Review by musclassia ››
I must start off this review with a confession.

I'd never listened to Cult Of Luna before.

Yeah, I realize that a post-atmo-sludge band is pushing the envelope outside the box in my wheelhouse, but never bothered. Was too busy exploring elsewhere...   Review by BitterCOld ››

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