Deeds Of Flesh

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Country: USA
Label: Unique Leader Records

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Formed in: 1993
Disbanded in: 2018

1993-2018 Brutal death metal


1993-2018  Erik Raymond Lindmark - guitars, vocals
2011-2018  Craig Peters - guitars, vocals
2012-2018  Ivan Munguia - bass
2016-2018  Darren Cesca - drums
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NA  Steve Shalaty - drums
1993-1997  Joey Heaslet - drums
› 1999  -//-
1993-2007  Jacoby Kingston - bass, vocals
1998-1999  Brad Palmer - drums
1998-2000  Jim Tkacz - guitar
2000-2001  Jared Deaver - guitars
2000-2016  Mike Hamilton - drums
2007-2011  Sean Southern - guitar
2007-2012  Erlend Caspersen - bass, vocals
2011-2012  Corey Athos - vocals
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NA  Aaron Gustofson - guitars
1998  Matti Way - vocals

Latest reviews

Now this is what I call Brutal Death Metal, Crown Of Souls should be the album of the year regarding this genre, this CD is a crushing block of stone falling violently at the top of your head.

I really appreciate when a band bothers to release a well...   Review by Herzebeth ››
I am a huge fan of Brutal Death Metal; in fact my favorite band is Suffocation (creators of this incredible genre). I've heard a lot of good comments and I've read a lot of good reviews about this particular band called "Deeds Of Flesh"...   Review by Herzebeth ››

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