Vampires Everywhere!

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Also known as The Killing Lights (2013-2015)

Country: USA
Labels: Century Media Records
Hollywood Waste

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Formed in: 2009
Disbanded in: 2016

2009-2016 Metalcore


2009-2016  Michael Vampire - vocals
2011-2016  DJ "Black" Blackard - guitars
2013-2016  J.J. Gun - drums, percussion
2014-2016  Bryan Allan - bass
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2009-2010  Jay Killa - keyboards
2009-2010  Night - guitars
2009-2011  Alexander Rogue - bass
2009-2011  David Darko - drums
2009-2013  Aaron Graves - guitars
2010-2011  Philip Kross - guitars
› 2011-2012  -//- bass
2013  Chris Paterson - guitars
2013-2014  Frankie Sil - bass
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2012-2013  Adam Vex - bass
2016  Alex Koehler - vocals

Latest reviews

If nothing else, Century Media should give themselves a big pat on the back for a great marketing opportunity they've snagged themselves here. The cinematic/literary masterpiece Twilight and it's subsequent followups really ignited some bizarre new world-wide love of vampires. While sales of Count Chocula have undoubtedly hit a huge spike, we have yet to see any strictly vampire-themed metal and/or metal related products hit the market.   Review by Doc G. ››

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