Royal Thunder

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Country: USA
Label: Spinefarm Records

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Formed in: 2006

2006- Heavy metal
2006- Stoner metal
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2006-  Josh Weaver - guitar
2007-  Mlny Parsonz - bass, vocals
2011-  Josh Coleman - guitar
2012-  Evan Diprima - drums
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2007-2011  Lee Smith - drums
› 2012  -//-
2011  Jesse Stuber - drums
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2015  Matt Jarrard - cello

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One of the most truly captivating albums I've heard in a long time, Royal Thunder unleashes a stunning and very personal sophomore record. Sharp in both its simplicity and range, this amazing blues/rock/groove concoction is summed up in one word: intimate. Even on the first listen, before all lyrics are absorbed, vocalist Mlny Parsonz's stories of loss invoke specific experiences, memories, and emotions. She absolutely plumbs the depths of the human experience with her wailing voice.   Review by Susan ››

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