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Country: Estonia
Label: Unsigned

Links: Official Site

Formed in: 2010
Broke up: 2010-2012

2010- Thrash metal


2010-  Herman "Hero" Sommer - vocals, guitars
2010-  Henry Hinno - drums, vocals
2012-  Silver Vrait - bass, vocals

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Thrashless might have missed the popular thrash revival bandwagon as it sped popularly by in the past several years, but leaving it all at that would be to miss the general point of the popular thrash revival you know. Namely, popular thrash had been revived, so the point was that thrash had never died, it just wasn't very popular. That is to say that "popular" thrash just wasn't a very popular genre for a couple decades, and so on.   Review by wormdrink414 ››

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